Neura Robotics and OMRON forge strategic alliance

Neura Robotics and OMRON Forge Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize the Manufacturing Industry with Cognitive Robots

Neura Robotics, a global pioneer in cognitive robotics, and Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies Inc., a global leader in industrial robotics and automation announced their strategic partnership. This partnership aims to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by introducing cognitive robots into factory automation, leveraging advanced AI capabilities to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and safety. Unlike traditional industrial […]

New Technology That Determines The Shell Life of A Helmet Introduced

While the world was in lockdown limbo, The Helmet Inspection Company went from idea to launch in just 16 weeks, delivering the world’s first non-destructive helmet safety inspection technology. When Aberdeen-Based businessman, and keen motorcyclist, Martin Slowey dropped his new motorcycle helmet just before lockdown, his question was a simple one: “Is my helmet still […]