ATMECS Global Joins the NVIDIA Partner Network as solution advisor consultant.

Lori Banas, Chief AIML Officer

ATMECS Global, renowned for its prowess in digital transformation and engineering solutions, announced that it has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network as a Solution Advisor Consultant. The milestone marks a pivotal step in ATMECS’s journey to redefine the AI and ML landscape, amplifying its commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering next-generation AI solutions. ATMECS […]

NetApp announces collaboration with NVIDIA

NetApp Empowers Customers to Securely “Talk to Their Data” in Collaboration with NVIDIA

NetApp® today announced it is collaborating with NVIDIA to advance retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) for generative AI applications. The new collaboration directly connects the just-announced NVIDIA NeMo Retriever microservices—coming to the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform for development and deployment of production-grade AI applications, including generative AI—to exabytes of data on NetApp’s intelligent data infrastructure. Every NetApp ONTAP® customer […]