Amity Solutions and Parent Amity Corp secures USD 60Mln

Amity Solutions and Parent Amity Corp Raise US$60 Million to Transform Legacy Software Products with Generative AI

Amity Solutions, a leading software and AI business from Thailand, together with its parent company, Amity Corporation, yesterday announced the completion of a US$60 million Series C financing round. This funding will support the company’s mission to transform customer engagement software products into Generative AI (GenAI) centric applications that are able to create significantly more value and utility […]

Enhancing Business Operations Through Efficient Building Management

Representative image of Engineers-and-architects-and-engineers-working-on-a-building-site-holding-blueprints-Image-by-alotofpeople-on-Freepik

Think back to a time you walked into an office and felt instantly uncomfortable. Maybe the air felt stuffy, the lights flickered, or the temperature was just off. Now imagine working in that environment every day. It’s more than just annoying – it’s a real problem for your business. A poorly managed building isn’t just […]

ETT I iByond™️ and Oicintra Group Joint Venture to Transform the Energy Sector


Economic Transformation Technologies (ETT) and Oicintra Inc. have executed a strategic joint venture, $3.9B over the next five years, designed to revolutionise the energy-related sectors targeted by the innovative products and services of Oicintra and ETT. This collaboration aims to drive significant value creation by accelerating innovative Ai integration, enhancing operational efficiency, and expanding market […]

IBM announces plans to open its first European Quantum Data Center

IBM Quantum Computing

IBM announced plans to open its first Europe-based quantum data center to facilitate access to cutting-edge quantum computing for companies, research institutions and government agencies. The data center is expected to be operational in 2024, with multiple IBM quantum computing systems, each with utility scale quantum processors, i.e., those of more than 100 qubits. The data […]