The Key to great Social Media Management

With over 3.6 billion people worldwide using social media in 2020 according to Statista, having a presence here is a no-brainer in order to increase the exposure of your business. But how do you create a great social media strategy to increase your following and users clicking on your links to your page? In this blog, we will be detailing the top tips on how to vastly improve your Social Media presence and improve your exposure.

Quality over Quantity

You have most likely heard that producing lots of content is great. This may be true, however, if the quality is lacking, then you won’t receive your desired outcome.

The main objective is to ensure you receive high-amounts of re-shares / retweets to increase business exposure. Therefore, if your content is engaging and peaks the interest of readers then you’re on the right track.

Keep in mind that it’s important that the content is going to be relevant for some time. Many businesses create great posts but after a couple of weeks, it disappears.

Know your audience

Before you start posting all over the different social media, the first thing you need to think about is your target audience. Your target audience will prefer certain social media sites over others. For example, if you were targeting B2B customers, you will gain much more success posting on LinkedIn than on Facebook.

Your brand voice matters too. Ensuring your brand voice caters and resonates with your target audience is imperative in keeping them engaged. If you are targeting people of different ages, you would need to write in a language that resonates with them and that they would easily understand.

Analyse the data

Identifying current trends from your posts can help you produce further content that will receive the best results. For example, if you were promoting your product range and found a particular promotion was catching the eye of many potential buyers, then it will be recommended to continue promoting this product even more.

If you aren’t utilising the data provided then you could be missing out on additional revenue for your business. Information is power!

Update your followers regularly

Keep your business fresh in customer minds by constantly updating your social media platforms. By creating a content schedule and by sticking to it, you can ensure that you will increase your engagement with your customers, as they will see your content more frequently. Take advantage of the data you have analysed and post your content at the times when you have received the highest engagement rates to ensure your posts are seen by the maximum number of your customers.

Contact a specialist

Many businesses are usually focusing on multiple things at once. Therefore, their social media marketing campaigns may not receive the precise attention they need. If this sounds familiar a great approach would be to hire a professional to ensure you are generating results effectively.

We help many businesses like yours with a variety of digital marketing solutions so you can achieve your growth targets.  


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