Virtual private network

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Ever wished to surf the web in complete privacy, free from the prying eyes of your Internet service provider or the local authorities?

This is where a Virtual Privacy Network (VPN) in Singapore comes in. A VPN in Singapore masks your local Internet Protocol (IP) address from anyone who is trying to monitor your connection to the web, cloaking you in privacy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a VPN

1. Security

There’s no point choosing a VPN that is lacking in security if its very purpose is to secure your Internet connection from prying eyes. The most reliably encrypted VPNs can thwart the efforts of hackers who wish to break into your network.

2. Speed

Speed is a major factor to consider if you’re looking to use your VPN to stream non-laggy YouTube videos or to download massive files onto your computer.

3. Accessibility

If you’re a frequent traveller, you would probably want to access the Web regardless of where you are. Find out how many countries your VPN server is based in

4. Server Load

The number of users connected to a given VPN server has a strong impact on the speed you are going to get. If the server is overcrowded beyond capacity, the VPN can slow your Internet down to a crawl.

5. Server Location

Some VPN clients will display information regarding the available bandwidth on a server and the percentage capacity that has been filled by users. You should use a different server, preferably one with fewer servers and smaller load to receive better speeds

The location of the VPN server you are connected to also plays a critical role in the server speeds you are going to get. As a rule, the closer the server is to your physical location, the better will be your speed and latency.

If you are connected to a remotely located server, your data packets would have to travel a longer route before they can communicate with the website or service you are trying to access.

6. Routing Algorithms

Every VPN service uses some form of algorithm that controls how your data travels from server to server on the Internet. A VPN with a poor server infrastructure will lead to considerable overhead, which causes slow speeds.


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