Zywave announces a multi-year partnership with HTEC

Zywave partners with HTEC to streamline insurtech platform
Zywave partners with HTEC to streamline insurtech platform

HTEC, a global engineering services company announced a multi-year partnership with Zywave, a leading, cloud-based insurtech service provider.

To remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving insurance industry, Zywave relies on robust, resilient, and scalable systems. Zywave’s all-in-one platform is a crucial technological resource that its customers rely on. After previously working with HTEC on multiple projects, Zywave decided to further extend the partnership.

“As a company operating in an increasingly complex and dynamic digital insurance market, we needed a partner capable of helping us future-proof our technology solutions,” said Doug Marquis, Zywave’s chief technology officer. “HTEC’s prior work on our platform made them our strategic partner of choice. We’ve already seen the ROI from HTEC’s premium engineering, and we believe they have what it takes to help us see long-term success.”

HTEC has already helped integrate Zywave’s disparate services into a single, data-powered insurance platform. To ensure the platform was scalable, HTEC guaranteed integration with major cloud providers AWS and Azure.

“Having a comprehensive platform in place allows Zywave to leverage data and access actionable insights quickly. We’ve also eliminated siloed services, streamlining integration between disparate systems and lowering maintenance costs. HTEC is thrilled to be an integral part of Zywave’s ongoing success story,” said Stefan Mršić, Senior Director of Engineering and Delivery at HTEC.

HTEC is excited to continue working with Zywave to help strengthen the company’s position as a digital insurance authority. Together, the two companies will continue shaping and strengthening the insurtech landscape.


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