123RF initiates Plus and Free Offering for creative professionals

One of the largest digital stock agencies in the world, 123RF, launches 123RF PLUS and FREE, two new plans that give business owners, freelance designers, entrepreneurs and even educators and students more alternatives in licensing creative content.

With 123RF PLUS, designers are able to license high-quality digital stock media for digital use and get full access to a complete collection at a fraction of the cost. Those in the academic line, influencers, digital content creators, graphic designers, and other creative professionals will be able to download unlimited stock photos and vectors from a large library currently totaling over 81 million content items. This library also includes 5,000,000 vectors and 3D illustration files that are exclusive only to 123RF. Additionally, 123RF confirms that there will be new and more exclusive content uploaded into this growing collection daily.

With the impending global recession and cost-cutting measures that follow, 123RF has taken the initiative to develop an ideal yet budget-friendly subscription for everyone. With its unlimited download and diverse content offering, 123RF PLUS is uniquely positioned to provide every stock content user, marketer and content creator with a practical and dependable image and vector library.

123RF also recently launched 123RF FREE, a collection of high-quality free stock content comprising photos and vectors contributed by talents all over the world as a way to give back to the creative community. Recognizing that 123RF FREE will be a fantastic platform, contributors have been exceptionally generous in contributing their works to increase the total number of content available for 123RF users to access, all for a simple credit line back to their respective portfolios. Now, 123RF users will be able to experience an extensive stock library thanks to various talents acquired from around the world.

Whether it is PLUS or FREE, users may experience a smooth browsing process with 123RF’s brand-new vast collections encompassing stills, imagery, motion, and sound. 123RF has since integrated simple one-click design tools into its site, such as background removal, image enhancers, filters, and more. The creative community can expect to find time-saving tools that can help create and customize content for one’s social media or marketing projects.

123RF FREE and 123RF PLUS will also feature new APIs to make it easy for integrations that will enhance the product lineup of SaaS platforms, web applications, mobile apps and print-on-demand businesses that wish to bundle visual content together with their core product offering.



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