World Big Data & Analytics Show – ASEAN

CDOs, CIOs, Data & Analytics Leaders and Heads of IT are convening virtually to discuss the latest strategies and tech trends to power Asean with data-driven services and devices. What is world big data & analytics show? World Big Data & Analytics Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused, global series of events that takes place in […]


Amazon elects an ex-NSA chief to the board of directors, Microsoft develops the cloud for the Pentagon, and according to US laws (Cloud Act), the US secret services can demand the surrender of personal data of American companies and their subsidiaries without giving reasons or simply access it. The ECJ has declared the “Privacy-Shield”, the […]

How business can benefit from customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is a unique scenario for a customer’s interaction with any project. It can be a website, online-store, offline project like a restaurant and any other product or service. The user’s route is non-linear in most cases, it has a lot of branches from the point of the first interaction with you to […]