360 Capital wins 2 awards for Forex Trading Services

360 Capital is a leading global online trading provider, offering trading with Forex and CFDs, indices, precious metals, energy, and cryptocurrencies. Its robust state-of-the-art software and forex quality assurance mean the clients have access to the best and most transparent trading experience.

360 Capital is popularly known for being a dynamic investment organization that offers expert services in the realm of brokerage services, including Forex trading and commodity futures. The firm adequately provides vast amounts of valuable insight to users that enable them to get ahead in the trading market. The company is committed to offering a diverse suite of innovative courses for trading. Its forex trading academy offers online courses that aids any trader to be equipped for the market. 360 Capital has a vast set of solutions and proven expertise in MetaTrader 4 platform.  360 Capital has taken several initiatives for the trading community to serve the latest market news and updates. The team at 360 Capital is consistently at hand to resolve any issues with trading without any delays. The company is recognized for maintaining a client-centric approach and remains an active advocate for transparency and fair-trading practices—while also focusing on respect, trust, and transparency.

Ms. Trishna Das, the Chief Editor of World Business Outlook, commented:

Today, the Forex market is growing at an insane rate, and satisfying diversified client base has inevitably become a problem for most of these traders in the market. That’s where 360 capital comes in, exploring different ways for fulfilling the immediate clients’ needs and requests. With increased transparency and customer loyalty, this firm is overcoming the barriers where everyone believed that customer services are futile in the Forex market. Our magazine is honored and proud to present 360 Capital for these remarkable achievements in such a challenging time in the field of Trading and Finance.”


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