COBAIT announces the latest version of BizTRAQ

COBAIT, the company that provides IT Services, Solutions, Management, and Consulting, recently announced the latest version of BizTRAQ, an innovative and pioneering Business Management Software, with a wealth of new and enhanced features.

“This is one of the most advanced and feature-rich releases of BizTRAQ to date,” says Rafey Kazi, CEO of COBAIT and a top-performing executive with over a 25-year track record of innovation and success in managing, expanding, and growing global organizations, including C-Level experience with fortune 500 companies.

“The pandemic has forced organizations to review and restructure their remote work policies. Businesses that embraced the digital transformation have been able to successfully navigate and adapt while transitioning to the remote workforce using tools such as video conferencing, texting, etc. However, the need for centralized information and data is a major issue where businesses have to utilize multiple solutions including VPNs, remote access technologies, remote file servers, and other business management solutions to meet their needs. BizTRAQ consolidates and centralizes Data, Information, and Business Processes in one single solution,” adds Kazi.

“BizTRAQ is designed as a complete, feature-rich product for businesses that need to hit the ground running without an expensive and lengthy implementation. Businesses can store data, create their modules, assign workflows, edit and sign PDFs, assign tasks, send documents and items for review, create tickets, and receive alerts and notifications. In addition to the built-in modules, custom modules can be created for any business process including Human Resources, Assets, Project Management, Contract Management, Sales, Marketing, Records or any business processes with data, information, and workflows,” says Michael Frederick who heads the Product Design and Development of BizTRAQ.

“While business management requires multiple tools costing a fortune, BizTRAQ is a single solution that meets all business needs. BizTRAQ is constantly being enhanced with new features which will automatically be made available to the clients,” adds Frederick.



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