Adipec-Halliburton unveils Innovative Technologies, Sustainable Solutions

Halliburton CEO Jeff Miller

Halliburton Company recently announced new products that highlight innovative technologies and sustainable solutions as part of its presence at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC).

In addition, Halliburton Chairman, President, and CEO Jeff Miller will participate Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 1:45 p.m. on the strategic panel, “Reconciling upstream oil and gas investment and the energy transition to meet global energy demand growth.” Miller will discuss how the industry addresses its commitment to decarbonization and the energy transition while ensuring the worldwide economy has the fuel it needs to continue to grow.

Collectively, the new technologies promote more precise and efficient drilling performance, remote automation for enhanced safety, and a reduced carbon footprint for cementing activities.

The BrightStar look-ahead resistivity service, the most recent addition to the Halliburton iStar drilling and logging platform, reveals the path ahead of the bit to deliver superior drilling performance and consistent well delivery.

In one compact collar design, the BrightStar service maps formation and fluid boundaries up to 100 feet (30 meters) ahead of the bit, detecting formation changes with near-bit resistivity and anisotropy to increase geo-stopping confidence and accelerate proactive drilling decisions.

The FloConnect surface automation platform is a fully automated and scalable solution for efficient and safe surface well-testing operations. An industry-first, FloConnect controls, measures, and analyzes surface well testing through automated workflows.

It allows data access in real-time, process monitoring, and control from a command center or remote location. FloConnect reduces operational variabilities and optimizes workforce deployment, which improves personnel safety and lowers exposure to hazardous and complex operations by taking personnel out of the red zone.

The NeoCem E+ and EnviraCem systems leverage synergies between the chemical and physical properties of specialized materials combined with Portland cement. Halliburton’s innovative tailoring process engineered these reduced Portland systems to deliver high-performance, compressive strength, and ductility at a lower density than conventional systems for improved barrier dependability. The Portland cement reduction helps customers lower their carbon emissions and provides engineered cement systems with enhanced cement sheath performance.



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