ASDA chooses Blue Yonder OMS for fast-tracking Omnichannel Retail Shift


Asda is UK’s leading retailer with a unique position in the market. After choosing Blue Yonder last year to aid it in digitally transforming its end-to-end supply chain and retail business, Asda has partnered with Blue Yonder to endure transforming its retail business by choosing the Luminate Commerce solution to modernize its order management capabilities.

Asda will also work with Blue Yonder’s technology alliance partner, Bringg, the leading distribution and order delivery cloud platform, to bring all aspects of the supply chain together in an orderly and seamless manner.

Additionally, Asda added that it has numerous super malls, hypermarkets, and Small Supermarkets. The retailer also operates gas stations and Asda living stores, the latter of which sells its popular George’s private label clothing and home line. The company has more than 140,000 employees and more than 16 million people shop at its online and offline stores every week.

Industry sources added that the Blue Yonder’s Order Management System (OMS) microservices, and with this partnership, Asda can be able to

Process orders faster and improve customer experience, allow clients to see real-time inventory information of products from the beginning of shopping, and flexibly choose order delivery methods.

Connect the entire supply chain and improve the ability to meet customer needs at any time and through any channel.

Provide dynamic scheduling options for end customers who choose home delivery and in-store pickup.

Carl Dawson, CIO of Asda

Carl Dawson, CIO of Asda, said: “Omnichannel is at the core of the company’s strategy and customer value proposition, and we want to deliver a wonderful customer experience and a seamless user shopping journey through omnichannel retailing. Blue Yonder’s OMS microservices leave us a legacy We are extremely impressed and we will be deploying this service across the grocery, apparel and general merchandise sectors.”

Gael Ramaen, VP of Commercial at Blue Yonder

Gael Ramaen, Vice President of Commercial at Blue Yonder, said: “Asda is leading a disruptive customer-centric transformation of retail, from first to last-mile delivery. We are very excited to further expand our partnership with Asda, combining e-commerce with a true The omnichannel retail landscape is connected. Our modern OMS microservices are able to scale, deliver and operate at the highest order volumes in the market. Our OMS microservices, software-as-a-service (SaaS) native, API-first components, and more leverage the latest technology and design can help customers accelerate their transformation. We believe that we will help Asda continue to modernize its business and strive to meet its customers’ value proposition.”

Nikolai Avrutov, Vice President of Bringg Alliance

Nikolai Avrutov, Vice President of Bringg Alliance, said: “Faster, easier, and more demand-responsive order coordination, fulfillment and delivery are challenging and complex. To achieve disruptive capabilities in these areas, retailers are Working hand-in-hand with technology providers, through close collaboration and strategic co-innovation, and continue to improve customer service standards. We are proud to work with Blue Yonder to help Asda achieve this.”

Additionally, Blue Yonder’s flexible, yet sturdy OMS microservices powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Asda will optimize the entire one-click delivery process, starting with an engaging shopping experience through efficient order delivery. With Bringg’s help, Asda will be able to optimize its last-mile delivery operations to deliver on time and meet customer expectations. Together, the two companies will help Asda improve home delivery services, online shopping and offline pickup services, and expand new channels such as express e-commerce platforms.



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