Audiostock partners with Adobe to launch music provision

Audiostock Collaborates with Adobe to Launch Music Provision via Audiostock add-on for Adobe Express
Audiostock Collaborates with Adobe to Launch Music Provision via Audiostock add-on for Adobe Express

Audiostock, Japan’s premier music licensing company, has collaborated with Adobe to begin providing music via Audiostock add-on for Express. This collaboration allows Adobe Express users to add Audiostock’s soundtracks directly to their projects by installing the add-on.

With this music provision, Adobe Express users gain free access to a carefully curated selection of High-Quality tracks from Audiostock’s vast library of over 900,000 tracks. The launch of this add-on underscores Audiostock’s commitment to meeting the needs of Adobe Express users and streamlining the creative process.

The Audiostock add-on enables users to search for music, preview tracks, and add them to their projects directly within Adobe Express, saving valuable time in the creative process. The add-on features a unique selection of tracks, including hard-to-find live-recorded traditional Japanese music, anime and game sound effects, and other exclusive offerings from Audiostock.

Audiostock and Adobe

Shuichiro Nishio, Founder and CEO, Audiostock says: “This collaboration is an incredible opportunity for us. Audiostock and Adobe are committed to supporting creators’ sustainable creative endeavors, and I believe our companies have many synergies.”

Behind the provision of High-Quality music is a carefully curated selection of works by emerging music creators, handpicked from Audiostock’s extensive library.
Nishio concludes: “By partnering with Adobe, we continue to inspire new creativity among online creators while also increasing opportunities for Audiostock’s music creators to be discovered and become emerging artists themselves.”

This add-on was developed by the team behind the Audiostock site, who deeply understand user search patterns and product preferences. It is designed to be intuitive and efficient, enabling users to complete music searches, previews, and additions within their workflow, thereby saving time in the creative process.


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