Belvo and FICO partner to augment credit access in Brazil

Alexandre Graff, FICO’s senior vice president of Global Partnerships and Alliances

FICO, a global analytic software company and recognized leader in AI decisioning platforms, and Belvo, the leading open finance data and payments platform in Latin America, yesterday announced a strategic partnership aimed at expanding credit access in Latin America. The two firms are developing an interpretable and explainable machine learning model that will provide a customer score based on consumer-permissioned transaction-level data, aimed at increasing credit access for consumers, improving banks’ risk management, and empowering lenders to create personalized financial experiences for their customers. It was announced today at the Febraban Tech Conference in São Paulo that the score is expected to be available in Brazil later this year.

The Belvo Open Finance Score, powered by FICO’s AI Innovation and Development team using AI techniques such as interpretable neural networks, will produce a credit risk score based on open finance transactions from a multitude of financial accounts (credit, debit, current accounts, savings, investment, etc.) permissioned by the customer and securely processed through Belvo’s open finance infrastructure. By incorporating data from additional sources, the score will provide an analytical tool for financial institutions that will enhance their use of existing credit bureau scores and internal models. It can benefit all credit grantors that seek to leverage open finance to improve customer decisions.

Albert Morales, Belvo’s general manager in Brazil

“The speed of change in consumers’ behaviour since the pandemic is astonishing, and we have an opportunity to bring new insights to lending decisions,” said Albert Morales, Belvo’s general manager in Brazil. “Open finance data provides a much wider picture of the circumstances of people and companies. Together with FICO, we are capturing the predictive value from all this data and summarizing it in a score that will help financial institutions make more accurate risk assessments and identify creditworthy people they may be missing today.”

“Open finance data has the potential to be a major component of a country’s financial and economic ecosystem, as seen in Europe,” said Alexandre Graff, FICO’s senior vice president of Global Partnerships and Alliances. “The solution we are developing with Belvo can be a game-changer for increased financial inclusion, and advances FICO’s mission to help more people get access to credit, as expressed in our Global Financial Inclusion Initiative.”


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