Beyond the Dichotomy of Traditional and Digital Marketing

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In an era dominated by digital marketing fervour, it is crucial to recognize the enduring significance of traditional strategies, particularly for brands that have diverse customer persona. The clamour for digital channels often overshadows the inherent complexities of non-digital products and services. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t viable; each product/service demands a tailored strategy. While digital is a powerful ally, being digitally native isn’t a universal panacea. Acknowledging the diversity of marketing landscapes is the first step towards crafting a nuanced and effective global marketing strategy.

We talked to Vibha Thusu, Overseas MarCom Leader at Himel—a multinational electrical products brand catering to a wide customer base in over 57 countries. Under Vibha’s leadership, Himel was recognized as the Most Reliable Residential Segment Electrical Products Brand, Middle East 2023 and Most Reliable Final Distribution Products Brand in South East Asia in World Business Outlook Awards-2023.

Due to the inherent convoluted nature of electrical product consumption, Vibha has a deep experience in go-to-market strategy of products for a tiered customer base—from distributors to end customers. From conventional approaches like participation in exhibitions to digital demand generation campaigns, Himel has been steadily building a reputation in purpose-driven holistic marketing. In recent years, Himel has successfully put the spotlight on globally relevant topics like equity in access to safe electricity, affordability of value-engineered electrical products and the importance of reliable electrical applications for small and medium enterprises.

In 2023, Vibha’s team successfully executed several hybrid marketing activations such as the Middle East Energy Exhibition—UAE, Curvo Wiring Devices New Launch—Indonesia, and brand launches in 2 new countries—Senegal and New Guinea.

In our conversation with Vibha, we asked her—digital or traditional, which side is she on. Her take on looking beyond the dichotomy and finding what works best for a brand is a master class in itself. Below is a short essay based on what our team learned in a virtual coffee with Vibha.

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The essence of brand building isn’t confined to pixels and algorithms. Even in the realm of traditional marketing, creativity plays a pivotal role. Whether it’s the aesthetics of a storefront or the design of a poster, every element contributes to crafting the brand’s narrative. Traditional channels offer a canvas for creative expression that shouldn’t be overlooked. Creativity in content strategy becomes the bridge between tangible touchpoints and lasting brand impressions, fostering a dynamic interplay between the physical and the digital.


Rather than hastily abandoning traditional activations in the rush towards digital, a prudent approach involves embracing both. Exhibitions, experience centres, and customer seminars hold enduring value in fostering direct connections. A holistic marketing approach ensures a symbiotic relationship between traditional and digital channels. It’s imperative to leverage data-driven insights across all mediums, bridging the gap between the tangible and the virtual. The key lies in harmonizing traditional activations with data-driven decision-making for a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Striking the right balance between traditional and emerging channels is akin to finding the elusive sweet spot. A brand must navigate the terrain to identify the strengths of each medium, acknowledging that mimicking another success story won’t guarantee success. The quest is for an ideal marketing mix that maximizes the impact of traditional and digital channels. In this dynamic global landscape, success lies in the strategic orchestration of both realms.

As per Vibha, three mantras can keep marketing compass right instead of taking forked pathways of traditional and digital marketing.

Build Cross-Pollinating Ecosystem

Effective marketing demands a symbiotic blend of mediums. Cross-pollination between online and offline strategies cultivates a robust brand ecosystem. Relying solely on a single flashy approach limits reach and resonance. To propagate across diverse landscapes, nurture a diverse marketing garden.

Embrace Hybrid Channel Agility

Channel-hopping consumers defy a rigid dichotomy of online or offline strategies. A hybrid approach, seamlessly intertwining both, is the strategic key. Catering to dynamic consumer behaviour requires agility. Brands embracing the fluidity of consumer interactions thrive in the channel-hopping landscape.

Develop Holistic Media Harmony

Media planning and content strategy should be a harmonious duet, not solo acts. Maximizing payoff demands a holistic view, where each medium plays a vital role. Brands that strategically interweave media planning and content creation create a unified narrative, amplifying impact across the marketing spectrum.

About Himel

Himel is an award-winning global manufacturer and supplier of Power Distribution and Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric products.

With a footprint in 50+ countries, Himel is a leader in value-engineered electric products for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

About Vibha Thusu

Vibha Thusu serves as the Overseas MarCom Leader for Himel and a consortium of electrical brands spanning across 65 countries. With a remarkable 19-year trajectory in progressive roles within Marketing and Communications, Vibha has garnered extensive experience in diverse sectors including IT & Services, Learning & Education, FMCG, Engineering, Energy Management, Electrical, and Industrial Automation. Her dedication lies in crafting strategic brand and customer experiences, overseeing Marketing Communications, Brand Management, and Digital Offer Management across all touch points.

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