BoardPrep Recovery Center Recognizes Alcohol Awareness Month

BoardPrep Recovery Center recently announced that the organization would recognize Alcohol Awareness Month, an event that the National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence sponsors every year. This year, BoardPrep Recovery Center is focusing on supporting working medical professionals battling alcohol addiction.

A 2015 anonymous survey that appeared in the Volume 36 of the Substance Abuse Journal suggested that over 45% of nurses used alcohol or drugs at work. This action has the potential to affect the nurses themselves, as well as the individuals they treat and the organizations where they work. Consequently, supporting healthcare professionals with effective substance use disorder treatment can lead to better patient outcomes.

Nurses are not the only medical professionals at risk. A research paper that appeared in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings in July 2009, suggested that between 10 and 12% of physicians develop a substance use disorder during their careers. They may delay seeking treatment because they fear losing their license and livelihood. 

This Alcohol Awareness Month, the team at BoardPrep is reaching out to medical professionals in the Tampa area and encouraging them to get help.



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