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Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of networking solutions, recently announced that broadband service providers currently operating Cambium Networks PMP 450 fixed wireless infrastructure can boost throughput speeds to their customers without replacing equipment. Demand for broadband continues to grow as more devices proliferate the home and business network. To keep up, service providers need to offer higher throughputs and lower latency services. The latest PMP 450 Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) software improvements from Cambium Networks make it easy for service providers to offer over 100 Mbps services using existing equipment to increase capacity and reduce network latency during peak periods. Also, new CPE antenna options can increase range by 30% or more to offer 100 Mbps services to customers who were previously out of reach.

“We have seen about a 50 Mbps downlink throughput increase on a loaded 3 GHz PMP 450m, with an overall decrease in latency during maximum utilization. Nice to see!” says Cody Anderson, Director of Network Operations, InfoWest. Cody shares the details on throughput improvement and managing latency during peak usage in this Cambium Community post.

With more than 2 million modules shipped, the PMP 450 system uses cnMedusa MU-MIMO technology and will support new CPE as well as existing ones from the same access point. This upgrade offers service providers a fast path to revenue by adding hardware only where it is needed for net new subscribers. With available options using the CBRS spectrum, the system also qualifies for NTIA Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) funding.

“Cambium Networks works with Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) around the world to develop fixed wireless broadband solutions that deliver high performance and attractive revenue models,” said Matt Mangriotis, Senior Director of Product Management at Cambium Networks. “With these recent improvements, service providers can maximize their investment in existing access points and subscriber modules by boosting performance with a software upgrade.”

Working with service provider operators and the Wireless ISP Association (WISPA) over the last decade, Cambium Networks has reduced the cost per Mbps delivered per user by 96% from $50.62 per user in 2008 to $2.24 per user with these latest improvements.



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