China Cement Association inks agreement with Global Cement and Concrete Association

Global Cement and Concrete Association and China Cement Association sign decarbonisation agreement in Beijing
Global Cement and Concrete Association and China Cement Association sign decarbonisation agreement in Beijing

The two leading representative bodies of the global cement industry have signed a milestone agreement to help accelerate decarbonisation of the sector across the world. China Cement Association (CCA), which represents more than 50% of the world’s cement production and the Global Cement and Concrete Association, whose members account for 80% of cement production capacity outside of China, have signed a historic partnership pledge.

The pledge includes an agreement to work together on sustainability, and the low-carbon development of the cement and concrete industry. Concrete is the world’s most used material on earth after water and cement is the key binding in concrete, and which accounts for around 7% of global CO2 emissions.

The historic agreement will also see the development, and launch later this year, of a whole value chain China Cement Carbon Neutrality Roadmap which will set out a commitment and pathway to fully decarbonise the cement industry in China. The GCCA, having launched a global net zero roadmap in 2021, will assist with its development alongside Sinoma International Engineering Co Ltd (Sinoma), the world’s largest cement technology and equipment company, and the European Cement Research Academy (ECRA) who will also provide technical input.

Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA)

Launching the agreement at a signing ceremony in Beijing, Mr. Kong Xiangzhong, Executive President of CCA said: “This important agreement marks a win-win cooperation, and shows where we can collaborate effectively to bring insights, technical know-how and greater focus to our shared decarbonisation mission. I am sure this will create a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership that will be crucial in building a more sustainable world.”

Thomas Guillot, GCCA CEO said: “The world needs leadership and collaboration like never before, especially on addressing the key issue of our time, climate change. This agreement between the China industry and the global industry is a signal to the world that we stand ready to deliver the essential decarbonised building materials that our planet needs. Cement and concrete enable the key infrastructure, thriving and resilient communities, clean water, safe homes and the shift to clean energy that are essential to a future sustainable world.”

The agreement formally covers the next three years of co-operation and provides a platform for wider communication and exchange.

Thomas Guillot added: “Working with our new partners in China means our net zero focus and our action every day is now a truly global mission.”


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