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Dallah Hospital Alnakheel is the flagship of Dallah Healthcare company hospitals. Since its establishment in 1987, Dallah Hospital has expanded in the outpatient, the emergency room as well as in the inpatient capacity to become one of the biggest single private hospitals in Riyadh. With this physical expansion, the medical services in the hospital have increased quantitatively as well as in the quality and diversity of specialties provided and now Dallah Hospital Alnakheel has more than twenty specialized and sub-specialized centers of excellence.

Dallah Cardiac Center is one of the most prestigious centers and it is the jewel of the crown among the group’s centers of excellence. DHC is very proud of that. Over the years the scope and the variety of diagnostic, therapeutic as well as cardiac interventions has evolved to provide the best national and international standard for the best cardiac services. The center encompasses ambulatory care services, inpatient services, diagnostic services, coronary intensive care services, Cath lab interventional services as well as open heart surgery service. All those services are run by highly qualified specialized and sub-specialized medical, technical and nursing staff. Dallah Hospital was the first in private sector in Riyadh to install Cardiac Cath lab in 1995 and with Cath lab commissioning, open heart surgery was also started, again it was the first in private sector in Riyadh. Since then the Cath lab diagnostic and interventional procedures have increased and tens of thousands of procedures have been performed since then with excellent results. 

Dallah Health Awarded the Best Cardiac Healthcare Center Saudi Arabia 2024.
Dallah Health Awarded the Best Cardiac Healthcare Center Saudi Arabia 2024 at World Business Outlook Awards 2024

The scope of interventional procedures has increased to deal with complex multi-vessel coronary artery disease occlusions and for the past two years the Cath lab interventions have expanded to include the newcomer to cardiac interventions namely, the structural heart disease interventions to treat aortic and mitral valve diseases. This is a newly developed branch of interventional cardiology where treatment of defective valves which was usually treated by open heart surgery is now treated in the Cath lab which obviated the need for the conventional open-heart surgery and these interventions are gradually replacing open heart surgery. Those minimally invasive Cath lab interventions namely Aortic valve repair (TAVI) and Mitral valve repair have become routine in Dallah Cardiac center. All Electro physiology (EP) cardiac interventions to treat cardiac arrhythmias are routinely performed in our Cath lab.

Recently an up to-date top of the line new Cath lab was installed, it is fully equipped with the latest and most advanced digital technology that enables interventional cardiologists to perform complex cardiac interventions safely and efficiently. All cardiac imaging in Dallah Hospital are connected via the Cardiac Picture Achieving System (CPACS) to enable the care givers to view the cardiac images wherever they are. With this advancement and quality of work performed, the Saudi ministry of health (MOH) has accredited and licensed Dallah Hospital Cath lab. DHC group is very honored with this MOH recognition.

Dallah Cardiac center is supported by full armamentarium of diagnostic modalities. We have all the noninvasive cardiac imaging. Echo department where both conventional as well as TransEsophageal (TEE) echo are performed, we have Cardiac MRI, Cardiac CT, as well as nuclear cardiac imaging utilizing SPECTRA CT, the latest in nuclear cardiac imaging.

To ensure the highest quality of care, the cardiac department is supported by well-equipped emergency department to provide efficient and speedy service for acute cardiac conditions that needs immediate coronary interventions to maintain the door to balloon time to the lowest that comply with national and international standards. The center has a modern well equipped Coronary Care Unit (CCU) which is run by well trained staff. Cardiac rehabilitation is an integral part of cardiac services provided to ensure the continuum of care to our beloved patients throughout their journey from the moment they contact the hospital until their discharge and follow them up there after. All those services are carried out by a team of highly reputable and very experienced team of highly specialized and sub-specialized consultants.

The cardiac center of excellence is part of Dallah Hospital’s quest and pursuit of quality and patient safety, Dallah Hospital Nakheel has a track record of being awarded international and local accreditations; CBAHI accreditation, Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation, ISO certification for food safety (ISO 22000), ISO certification for information security and confidentiality (ISO 27000), and international accreditation for health information (HIMSS6). DHC group keeps its patients in their hearts.

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