Delta Finance, new DeFi protocol for decentralized savings option

Delta Finance is a project that utilizes NFT and blockchain technology combined with a concept banks have used for years to create a protocol aimed at improving decentralized finance, known in the crypto world as DeFi. The protocol has taken the concept of certificates of deposit, a form of a savings account, and translated it into the crypto world. In addition to creating a decentralized savings option, Delta has developed systems to increase the sustainability and reliability of projects in this field. Their protocol allows holders to “Deposit” their Delta tokens by fixing an amount of money for a period of 7 to 730 days. Every day the money is fixed, the holder receives rewards whose size is dependent on the length of deposit.

The Sustainability of Delta’s DeFi Project

Many protocols mimicking the saving system in the United States have already been introduced to crypto space, however, very few of them survive past a year and even fewer maintain a token price above their launch price. Delta Finance has developed three features to ensure the sustainability of the project. First, it has a low annual percentage yield (APY) base at 20,000% that is designed to continually decay which reduces selling pressure and increases buying pressure. This allows the project to be able to sustainably pay out rewards at a rate that is realistic for investors. Second, the protocol was the first to bring on chain utility to DeFi by introducing their Radiation NFT collection. This collection increases the rewards received when the Delta token is deposited allowing the NFTs to be in great demand among holders. Furthermore, the NFT sales aid the funding of the APY allowing the project to achieve longevity. Lastly, the project pays out the APY with a Stablecoin/$Delta token mix. By having 50% of the payout be carried out through Stablecoin, Delta Finance can guarantee long term sustainability and consumer trust.

How does the Protocol Fund the Annual Percentage Yield/ interest rate?

The protocol has designed 3 distinct systems to increase the project’s treasury and thus pay the Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The first system requires Delta Finance to charge a small dynamic fee on every transaction based on how much the holder is swapping, how valued the Delta token is, and what market conditions are like at the time. This allows the treasury to expand and effectively creates a progressive tax system for their token. A Bonds and Emissions system, similar to that of Olympus Dao, allows holders to buy Delta tokens at a discounted price which is vested back to them over a period of a week or more. The Delta Treasury then mints each token for 1 dollar allowing them to make profit on each bond (as well as the consumer getting a discount on the token) thus further expanding the treasury and making the APY more sustainable. Finally, the project also has a NFT collection titled “Radiation”, which provides a permanent non-decaying APY’s and is in high demand with only 2400 in supply. The sales of the NFT collection goes towards the project’s ability to sustain the APY. These three revenue streams working simultaneously creates the protocols strong foundation and ensures their long term success to pay off the APY .

The Team Behind the Project

CEO, Yusuph Ali, has over a decade of business experience and guides the team in marketing skills. Qris Monocle, is the chief operating officer who used to work as a financial advisor, is primarily known for his channel. Monocle has years of experience in the crypto space and provides vital insight into the market. Content creation and social media expert, Jayden Holloway holds the project title of Chief of Marketing. His valuable insights help the project maintain social media presence and branding. Tense Lee, the project’s head developer, is fluent in 3 coding languages and has a total of 12 years of experience spread across the languages. His role includes leading future developer teams as further features evolve. Self proclaimed “born and bred” DeFi builder, the senior blockchain developer of the team. Neo Jones, is fluent in four programming languages and is valued as the blockchain expert. The team also works with advisor Lorenzo James, known for his channel “Crypto with Lorenzo”. James Pelton, known for his channel “James Pelton”, is another vital advisor for the project.

What’s Next for the Project?

Thanks to the CEO’s broad connections in the racing industry. The project is currently working on a motorsport series of NFT’s. This collection will have real world utility in the motorsport industry and act as a second revenue stream for the Delta Treasury, increasing the sustainability of the project as a whole. The Motorsport NFTs will allow holders, for a small fee, to enter into a raffle race. Prizes such as exclusive tickets, rare interviews, meet and greets, limited edition autographs, invites to tours, full track days, even $DELTA’s native crypto tokens will be given to the top three winners of the raffle race (thanks to real world partners). This NFT collection is made possible through the backing of motorsport athletes, such as Ceran Sokhi Singh Delta’s first real world partner, and many other motorsport teams.



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