Do Singaporeans Ignore their journey deposit cards?

Photo credit- Annie Spratt on Unsplash

One among ternary Singaporeans any had a journey savings card at the beginning about the pandemic might also have in the meanwhile swapped it out, reviews

A survey by way of Milieu concerning 1,008 Singaporeans aged of sixteen yet upon located as 33% concerning these surveyed have swapped out their journey credit score cards yet opted because of a special credit score card option.

Men are more likely in imitation of change theirs journey visiting card than women, including close in imitation of two-fifths (38%) lowlife instituted the change after another card in contrast after a touch above a quarter of girls (26%).

Demographic-wise, younger Singaporeans are nearly likely to oration goodbye to theirs cards, along 43% on these used 25-34 pronouncing sayonara to theirs travel credit cards, alongside along 39% of 18-24 year-old holders. Meanwhile, because of those anybody determined not in imitation of commute theirs tour savings card, “laziness” was once pronounced so the pinnacle cause flank with contentment together with their modern-day provider, each at 36%. Gender-wise, 36% concerning both men yet female each observed so those couldn’t remain bothered switching—the pinnacle choice because of girls and the 2d pinnacle preference for men.


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