Email Marketing that inspires


Email marketing is inescapable. From informing your current audience of sales they may be interested in to generate new leads, email marketing holds the ability to grow all types of businesses.

With a well-executed marketing email campaign, many businesses can enhance their company’s performance dramatically. There’s a reason why businesses are sending you updates to your inbox!

The question remains, how do you create a solid email marketing campaign that inspires? Well, look closely as we cover all the major elements needed.


With a close eye, you can determine through the use of analytics the best possible time frame to schedule your email campaign. The responses received during the peak times will provide the key to enhancing your business.


It is not easy writing a persuasive, yet professional email to your potential clients. You need to ensure it is long enough to cover all the necessary information to help you sell your services, but not too long else your potential clients may get bored, leading to it not being read.

Subject Line

With your potential clients receiving hundreds of sales emails every day, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. If the subject line isn’t interesting enough, they may ignore it and not read about all the benefits you can provide them inside the email! On average, an inbox will only reveal around 60 characters of your subject line. So keep it short, keep it snappy, and you will keep the reader engaged and wanting to read more about your offering.


Now you have written the perfect subject line, get ready to start writing the content of the email. The part that you need to start with is the salutation. This is how you greet the client you will be emailing. If you are cold emailing, we recommend using a professional tone of voice when greeting your prospects.

The body, which comes next, should only be written in small paragraphs of a few sentences each. This is where you will be writing your most persuasive content. We recommend using bullet points to put more emphasis on the points you are making. After you have done all the above, conclude your email and include your signature at the bottom.


A great start would be to use an email campaign to target existing customers for additional sales. However, if you’re looking to expand and cold email potential clients, then you will need to adapt the tone. Furthermore, ensure great research is carried out beforehand to find the most suitable individual to target before purchasing contact information from a marketing firm.


Finding the right point between emailing your customers too much to emailing them too little can be tricky. The general rule is you want to send them a maximum of 1 email per day. And anything less than 1 every 4 days can significantly decrease the chances for a sale.

Get help from a professional

It can sometimes be a small mistake that ends up preventing potential clients from going forward with a business. The best way to combat this is by hiring an experienced professional, they will be able to increase the performance of your email marketing campaign. This can save you ample time when trying to identify how to execute email marketing.


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