Engage Rocket announces doubled annual revenue in its 5th year of operations

As the pandemic continues to affect businesses globally, the past 1.5 years have had a profound impact on how organisations operate. With everyone being physically apart, it has become a necessity for organisations to closely monitor, manage, and evaluate their employees’ well-being to thrive during this tumultuous period. Leaders within companies are aware of the shifting values, behaviours, and sentiments amongst employees – yet many struggle to pinpoint what exactly is going on in order to take meaningful actions. Hence, there is an amplified need for a single source of truth that would inform decision-making in regards to employees’ well-being.

EngageRocket – one of Asia’s fastest growing work-tech startups – has been championing employee experience since its inception back in 2016. At its core, the platform allows business leaders to conduct pulse surveys, performance reviews, and onboarding evaluations. As the pandemic hit with far-reaching impacts, EngageRocket analysed the shift in employee experience through its platform and made adjustments to meet the changing needs. These include:

  • Adding new questionnaire templates that would allow HR leaders to ask well-being related questions with only a few clicks, e.g: the impact of the environment they work in to their mental health, mental health experience in the past one year, autonomy on working hours, and location, amongst many others.
  • Allowing HR leaders to conduct as many surveys as needed to adjust to changing government regulations
  • Free survey accessible to all companies in Singapore to assess the state of their employee experience during COVID period

These changes are well-received by companies within the APAC region as EngageRocket saw accelerated growth within the past 1.5 years. Today, EngageRocket has raised SGD4.5M over three rounds and is a leader in the “work tech” space in Asia helping companies improve their employee experience with advanced people analytics. As the company celebrates its 5th year since its inception, key highlights of the achievements throughout this period include:

  • Annual Recurring Revenue to date almost doubled compared to May 2020 and even higher by close to 50% compared to pre-lockdown period in February 2020
  • Total number of customers to date increased by more than 50% compared to the peak of the lockdown period in May 2020. Notable customers include StarHub (one of Singapore’s biggest telco), NinjaVan (SEA’s unicorn logistic startup), and HaloDoc (Indonesia’s largest health tech company).
  • More than doubled its headcount compared to February 2020; with a newly appointed VP of People Science, Sonali Sharma (ex Uber’s People Analytics Lead in APAC)
  • More than 10M survey answers collected and 200,000 users participated to date

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