ETT I iByond™️ and Oicintra Group Joint Venture to Transform the Energy Sector


Economic Transformation Technologies (ETT) and Oicintra Inc. have executed a strategic joint venture, $3.9B over the next five years, designed to revolutionise the energy-related sectors targeted by the innovative products and services of Oicintra and ETT. This collaboration aims to drive significant value creation by accelerating innovative Ai integration, enhancing operational efficiency, and expanding market reach for renewable energy solutions.

The joint venture will combine ETT’s cutting-edge iByond™️ platform with Oicintra’s advanced energy applications across Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging, Solar facade commercialization, Power Grid Utility Data analytics, and Green Energy Solutions (GES). By integrating these extensive applications into the iByond™️ platform, the collaboration will deliver transformative benefits including increased revenue through market growth, substantial cost savings, and accelerated customer acquisition. These advancements will ultimately lead to the widespread adoption and leveraging of the innovative energy technologies to create a sustainable migration roadmap that will reduce any excessive demand on traditional Grids. Upon the implementation of the jointly integrated solution, the resultant alternative energy solution will reduce the cost of Utilities for general consumers and enterprise clients of the joint venture partners.

A key aspect of this venture is the generation and monetization of valuable data insights. The data collected will provide quantifiable enterprise and consumer utility use case documentation to help reduce degradation of any country’s national energy infrastructure. The combined solution will harness secure, federated data capabilities, to provide businesses, government entities, and the public, with critical information to optimize energy usage and drive sustainable practices. The data generated will be instrumental in shaping future energy policies and strategies, contributing to a more efficient and resilient energy ecosystem.

ETT IByond & Oicintra Group Joint Venture to Transform the Energy Sector

Both companies will actively promote the combined solution to their existing clients and new markets. ETT will leverage its established client base and corporate partnerships, while Oicintra will utilize its expertise and network within the energy sector to drive market expansion. ETT will provide technical expertise and robust cybersecurity measures, ensuring a secure operational environment. Oicintra will focus on developing and integrating new products based on market demands and client feedback, while also managing customer relationships and providing comprehensive support for application users.

“This joint venture marks a significant milestone in our mission to drive technological innovation in the energy sector. By combining our advanced iByond™️ platform with Oicintra’s expertise and innovative applications, we are poised to deliver unparalleled energy solutions that will redefine industry standards and drive sustainable growth,” said Christopher Condon, Chairman and CEO of ETT | iByond.

“Partnering with ETT | iByond enhances our offerings and accelerates adoption of our unique, innovative energy solutions,” added Mr. McAllister, Chairman/CEO of Oicintra Group.

“This initial Joint Venture between Oicintra is just the beginning of our journey with the iByond™️ platform to accelerate its Intelligent Interoperability and advanced Artificial Intelligence as Protocols into many other Industries Worldwide,” added Dr. Nana Ekow Andam, Oicintra’s Co-Chairman and innovations architect.



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