EW Group partners with China’s largest healthcare, Sinopharm

EW Group Signs with China's Largest Healthcare, Sinopharm
EW Group Signs with China's Largest Healthcare, Sinopharm

European Wellness Biomedical Group (EW Group), announced its partnership with HK VJM Ltd (representing Sinopharm Cloud Health Technology (Guandong) Co. and Sinopharm Traditional Chinese Medicine (Foshan) Co.) and NCL Solutions Sdn Bhd on April 15, 2023 at One World Hotel.

EW Group represented by Chairman, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr Mike Chan, and HK VJM Ltd was represented by Mr Guo Liang, while NCL Solutions Sdn Bhd represented by Madame Cindy Chong Seau Joon.

Prof. Dato' Sri Dr Mike Chan,  Chairman, EW Group
Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr Mike Chan, Chairman, EW Group

EW Group will provide its expertise and experience in research, development, formulation, and production of nutraceuticals, skincare and cosmeceuticals, and therapeutics products, while Sinopharm will leverage its global reach and distribution network to help EW Group achieve greater heights on the world stage. Over 1,000 SKUs of EW Group’s proprietary products will be sold and distributed under Sinopharm.

The partnership will include the development of co-branded products and the creation of world-class health centres, which will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by highly trained healthcare professionals. Through this collaboration, both parties aim to bring world-class healthcare services and products to a wider audience and to provide accessible, affordable and innovative healthcare solutions to people around the world.


Sinopharm is one of the largest healthcare groups in China, with over 128,000 employees, 1,100 subsidiaries and full chain in the industry covering an array of departments. The Group’s production lines are approved by the US FDA and EU authorities and are prequalified by WHO, earning substantial recognition during the coronavirus pandemic for their development and distribution of the Sinopharm vaccine.

This partnership will allow EW Group to enter China’s market and its revenue. By collaborating with local experts, EW Group can gain insights into the local market and customize its product to suit the specific needs and preferences of Chinese consumers. The signing marks a significant milestone for EW Group’s business in China’s market, and presents growth opportunities for the company in the consumer and wellness business.

European Wellness Biomedical Group

With this collaboration, both parties will bring together two giants in the healthcare industry to provide world-class healthcare services and products to people around the world. The collaboration will enhance the availability of alternative medical treatments, develop new products, and transfer knowledge and skills to millions of people.


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