Falcon society announces the launch of UAE based NFT line


The Falcon Society is recently pleased to announce the launch of its premium UAE-based NFT line, set to be released this month.

The Falcon Society is a collection of 4,000 unique Falcon Humanoid NFTs unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Falcon is said to serve as a users’ Society membership card and grants access to members-only benefits, with future perks being unlocked by the Society through Roadmap activations.

Founded by a team of UAE-born residents and nationals, The Falcon Society was carefully engineered for the betterment of the UAE nation. By building a community of creative minds, The Falcon Society’s purpose is to give rise to the UAE’s ecosystem of the future. The company’s team includes pioneering local women in the crypto industry who aim to inspire a wave of sustainable female leadership in the UAE’s technology sector.

Furthermore, the company values democracy when providing members with equal opportunity to share, develop, and vote on social initiatives.

“Through a collaborative approach, in The Majlis, a member-exclusive virtual platform a portion of funds raised from minting and secondary sales will be allocated towards UAE-based ventures and charitable causes that serve to fulfil the Society’s mission: 

i) to enhance the UAE’s international standing as a progressive nation, ii) promote its vast ethnic diversity, while iii) preserving its rich culture and heritage,” says the company’s Chief Product Officer.

One such cause emphasized by the team that “lacked due attention” was the continued loss of cultural heritage, specifically on practices such as falconry. “Falconry runs through our veins, says Noora, the Lead Designer. “It allowed for the sustenance of our forefathers in a resource-scarce land. This miraculous art form is being overlooked in our tech-based world. Through our Society, we will be able to collaborate with falconry and heritage centers in the UAE to build programs that inspire the new generation of UAE-born residents and nationals to recognize the greatness of their heritage and develop a proud sense of belonging.”

Minting will occur through a series of pre-sales followed by a public auction process. Dates and minting price are TBD but expected by the end of December.



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