FullBloom acquires Capita3’s portfolio company EmpowerU

Capita3 Announces Acquisition of Portfolio Company EmpowerU by FullBloom to Help Young People Thrive in Academics and Life
Capita3 Announces Acquisition of Portfolio Company EmpowerU by FullBloom to Help Young People Thrive in Academics and Life

Capita3, a Minneapolis based venture capital firm, announced that its portfolio company EmpowerU Inc. was acquired by FullBloom, a leader in early-intervention and evidence-based education and behavioral health solutions that create better life outcomes for children and their families. This acquisition brings together two innovative companies that share a common commitment to helping young people thrive in academics and in life.

EmpowerU Inc. was launched in 2018 to address the escalating levels of anxiety and depression in children and teenagers, a need further fueled by the COVID-19 global pandemic. The Company rapidly emerged as a leader in evidence-based and turnkey mental health and wellbeing programs for students, their parents, and K12 educators.

EmpowerU’s programs are designed to build strong foundations in resilience, motivation and confidence, and those changes lead to better academic and life outcomes. The Company uses digital curricula, proprietary algorithms, and asynchronous 1:1 coaching to drive powerful outcomes. EmpowerU’s innovations enable massive scaling of mental health services at significantly reduced cost and in a format that is appealing to young people.


“We are very excited by the synergies between FullBloom and EmpowerU and we’re delighted to become part of the FullBloom family,” said Katie Dorn, Co-Founder and CEO of EmpowerU. “We intend to expand our programs and services to help many more young people develop the ability to thrive through challenges and adversity.”

Capita3 launched in 2018 to invest in early-stage startups led by women with breakthrough innovations in human health. Capita3 advised EmpowerU through its initial launch and led their first financing round in partnership with ECMC, Great North Ventures, the Hemera Foundation, and the Lynne and Andrew Redleaf Foundation.

“EmpowerU is a powerful example of using technology to disrupt an industry, while maintaining the human connection often needed to drive behavior change,” said Pamela York, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Capita3 and EmpowerU Board Chair. “Not only is the company transforming mental health services, they are transforming what it looks like to be a tech company – with a women CEO, female co-founders and a 95% female employee base. This may very well be a first.”


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