GigNet and IotaComm announce a planned partnership

GigNet and IotaComm to Collaborate on Internet-of-Things (IoT) Solutions for the Mexican Caribbean
GigNet and IotaComm to Collaborate on Internet-of-Things (IoT) Solutions for the Mexican Caribbean

GigNet, a Digital Infrastructure company with an extensive regional fiber optic broadband network from Costa Mujeres, North of Cancun, through the Hotel Zone of Tulum, announced yesterday a planned partnership to offer Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the hospitality industry in the Mexican Caribbean with IotaComm, a U.S.-based provider of wireless IoT technology and services. GigNet and IotaComm are in the process of implementing initial pilots with selected GigNet clients, with the intent of co-developing a full suite of IoT services for hotels, resorts, enterprises, smart homes, and smart communities in the Cancun Region.

IoT encompasses a wide range of connected devices and sensors that provide real-time monitoring and controls. Based on analyst estimates, there could be over 75 billion secure connected IoT devices worldwide by 2030, enabling a range of commercial, industrial, medical, smart home/smart cities applications. The global IoT market is forecast to grow from US$380 billion in 2023 to over US$1.5 trillion by the end of this decade, growing at a CAGR of nearly 20%.

GigNet operates over 450 kilometers of fiber-optic network assets in the Mexican Caribbean, serving over 470 enterprise clients and nearly 6,000 residential customers across a growing number of new residential development communities. GigNet continues to expand rapidly – including over 50 new enterprise client contracts, renewals and upgrades signed during Q1 2024 representing over US$2 million in new contract value. The Company’s advanced fiber-optic network and service delivery platform enables clients to implement cloud-based technologies that require secure high-speed connectivity. For GigNet, IoT will enable its hospitality clients to increase ROI while also enhancing the guest experience.

IotaComm delivers impactful IoT solutions that produce data-driven results for smart spaces, smart territories, and smart infrastructure. Improving the guest experience, reducing energy consumption and costs, and increasing operational efficiency in the face of rising material costs and staff shortages, are significant challenges for the hospitality industry. IotaComm’s Delphi360™, an application enablement platform, combined with best-in-class LoRaWAN wireless connectivity and advanced analytics services, solve these challenges to deliver transformative experiences for both guests and hotels.

GigNet and IotaComm will implement IoT applications for a wide variety of enterprise and residential developer clients, with an initial focus on the hospitality market. For hotels and resorts, IoT solutions can be a highly cost-effective way to monitor and enhance guest room comfort and air quality, food safety (such as proper temperatures, freshness), guest room and common area security, employee safety, as well as excess water and electricity use, and other operating cost savings made possible by real-time monitoring and analytics.

GigNet and Iotacomm

Additionally, the companies will collaborate through their respective community impact initiatives which leverage high value, reliable connectivity solutions to enable technology adoption, innovation, job growth and education in the communities in which they operate. GigNet’s “Silicon Maya” initiative fosters economic growth through expanded access to high-speed broadband and digital services across all income levels throughout the Mexican Caribbean area, while the IotaCommUnity™ initiative promotes advanced technology adoption to positively impact communities in the areas of health, safety, and education through its Center for Sustainable Innovation.

Chris Spinnler, VP of Business Development for GigNet Mexico, stated, “We are continually expanding our suite of enhanced services to meet clients’ demand for the best technologies made possible by our investment in the fastest, most secure network in the Mexican Caribbean. We are excited to work with IotaComm to introduce world class IoT solutions to the Cancun region – an important next step in how GigNet can partner with our clients to make their businesses more competitive, productive, and profitable.”

“We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with GigNet as it marks the launch of our international growth strategy concurrently with our expansion into the hospitality market,” stated Terrence DeFranco, Chairman & CEO at IotaComm and Executive Director at Center for Sustainable Innovation (CSI). “IotaComm’s strategy, where the combination of ubiquitous, low-cost connectivity, data-driven insights, and superior customer service pave the way for adoption of valuable Smart Building solutions across industries, is a natural complement to GigNet’s superior broadband services and leadership position.” DeFranco added, “We believe this is the perfect type of partnership where we can provide the market with great solutions together and do so in line with our core values and collective sense of purpose.”


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