GWM launches new hybrid technology

GWM launches new hybrid technology
GWM Releases New Hybrid Technology to Accelerate Electrification Transformation

On March 10th 2023, GWM held the INTELLIGENT NEV DAY event at its Chinese technology center.

The event was attended by thousands of authoritative media outlets to discuss the development direction and frontier technology trends of the new energy vehicle industry. GWM also conducted a simultaneous online live broadcast, which attracted numerous users.

During the event, GWM President Mu Feng presented the company’s new brand declaration “GWM Intelligent New Energy–more efficiency, more range and more safety.” He stated that “GWM has always been adhering to an intelligent new energy strategy. In the future, GWM will apply core technology to provide more advanced intelligent new energy products to meet the global users’ demand for cleaner and safer mobility life.”

GWM has been continuously deepening its new energy and intelligent layout, with a complete industrial chain layout of vehicles, covering hybrid architecture, power batteries, hydrogen energy, electric drive technology, intelligent cabin, intelligent driving, and intelligent chassis.

For the hybrid architecture, GWM has established a multi-architecture parallel development strategy while keeping optimizing it, providing strong technical support for the electrification transformation. GWM also released an upgraded new hybrid technology – Hi4 at this event. The Hi4 technology is a new hybrid system that integrates hybrid, intelligent, and four-wheel drive. It can achieve a balance between high efficiency and high performance in all scenarios.

GWM plans to launch the first model with this hybrid technology in April this year. By 2024, GWM’s entire new energy product line will be equipped with electric four-wheel-drive technology, providing users with a more powerful and environmentally friendly driving experience.

GWM has already introduced a range of new energy products globally, including the HAVAL H6 HEV/PHEV, HAVAL JOLION HEV, GWM TANK300 HEV, WEY Coffee 01, and GWM ORA. Its leading intelligent new energy strength has gained recognition from media outlets and users.

GWM will continue to deepen its new energy and intelligent strategic transformation and inject new energy and intelligent technology into more vehicle models. The company aims to create a more diversified new energy product structure, providing global users with more high-quality choices.


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