HashKey Global announces partnership with Solidus Labs

HashKey Global Partners with Solidus Labs to Elevate Real-Time Trade Surveillance
HashKey Global Partners with Solidus Labs to Elevate Real-Time Trade Surveillance

HashKey Global, one of the flagship global digital asset exchanges under HashKey Group, announced yesterday its partnership with Solidus Labs, a pioneer in crypto-native compliance and security solutions. By leveraging Solidus’ technology, HashKey Global was able to swiftly establish comprehensive surveillance capabilities across both spot and soon-to-be-launched derivatives markets on HashKey Global, its newly launched Bermuda-licensed exchange.

The partnership between HashKey Global and Solidus Labs will focus on trade surveillance for both spot and derivatives markets on the exchange. The collaboration will facilitate real-time alerting and market inspection, ensuring robust monitoring and detection of suspicious activities.

HashKey Global and Solidus Labs

“Solidus Labs emerged as the ideal partner for us due to their expertise in trade surveillance and deep understanding of the cryptocurrency landscape,” said Ben El-Baz, Managing Director of HashKey Global. “Their on- and off-chain detection algorithms, coupled with a holistic compliance platform, align perfectly with our vision for advancing regulatory compliance and market integrity on our platform.”

In a remarkable feat of efficiency, HashKey Global and Solidus Labs have achieved an implementation timeline spanning a mere two weeks from contract signing to go-live target. The agility demonstrated in this rapid implementation was made possible by Solidus Labs’ crypto-native architecture and algorithm design, which are engineered for scalability and flexibility.

“The success of this swift implementation – internally dubbed as ‘real-time in no-time’, not only showcases the technical prowess of both HashKey Global and Solidus Labs but also underscores our shared commitment to driving innovation and upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance and market integrity within the digital asset ecosystem,” said Asaf Meir, Solidus Labs’ Founder and Chief Executive. “We are excited to support HashKey Group in their mission to extend its ‘Regulated Model’ globally and establish HashKey Global as a trusted, secure, and compliant digital asset trading platform.”


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