Health2Sync partners Novo Nordisk & Biocorp in Japan

Ed Deng, CEO of Health2Sync

Health2Sync (Taipei, Taiwan and Tokyo, Japan) announces that its latest version of the Health2Sync app integrates insulin data from Mallya Cap, the connected device dedicated to insulin pens developed by Biocorp and marketed in Japan by Novo Nordisk. This partnership realizes the first data integration of its kind in the world and is expected to help patients on insulin treatment manage their health by capturing multiple data points, including insulin injection logs.

The population of diabetes and pre-diabetes exceeds 20 million in Japan. Thanks to the advances in insulin and non-insulin drugs during the past two decades, the combined use of those drugs in Japan increased, and the glycemic control leveled off after 2014 in patients with type 2 diabetes. however, according to a 2017 study, 44 percent of Japanese diabetes patients still reported omission or non-adherence to insulin, a greater value than that reported in other countries. Patients treated with insulin need to measure their blood glucose multiple times a week and inject insulin accordingly, and the large amount of data makes it difficult and burdensome for patients to accurately record the time and amount of each injection and make proper adjustments based on clinicians’ guidance.

Mallya is a non-medical smart sensor that attaches directly to the FlexTouch insulin pen, saving time and effort from manually inputting or recording injection data. After attaching the Mallya cap to a FlexTouch pen, the smart cap enables automatic data collection and sends the injection dosage, date, and time to the Health2Sync App wirelessly in real-time.

The synchronized data can be analyzed with diet and blood glucose levels by the Health2Sync App, providing further analyses and a more accurate understanding of personal glucose management and lifestyle adjustments.

Eric Dessertenne CEO of Biocorp

“With the Health2Sync solution, we are able to tap into markets like Japan, where the use of connected devices and medicine are highly advanced”, said Eric Dessertenne, CEO of Biocorp. “We also believe that such integration with automatic analyses will empower patients to make timely personal adjustments.”

“Launching the Mallya cap demonstrates the further value we hope to bring to patients on insulin treatment,” said Bruno Lacombe, the Vice President of Diabetes Business Unit at Novo Nordisk Pharma Ltd. “In Japan, efficient dosage recording and data visualization are critical parts to the diabetes management.”

Dr. Yasutaka Maeda, Director of Minami Diabetes Clinical Research Center

Dr. Yasutaka Maeda, Director of Minami Diabetes Clinical Research Center said, “With the Mallya Cap, it is very easy and efficient for patients to comply with the insulin treatment as the details of insulin injections are automatically transferred to the Health2Sync app. This enables healthcare providers to make evidence-based treatment recommendations.”

Dr. Atsuhito Tone, Deputy Director of Internal Medicine and Diabetes Center of Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital said, “From the clinician’s perspective, the Mallya Cap and Health2Sync solution captures insulin dose and glucose trends in a single platform, helping healthcare providers with better decision making., Integrating medical and health information with both public and private PHR providers is expected as part of PHR initiative we are witnessing in Japan.”

“By integrating the Mallya Cap, we are very excited about improving accuracy and expanding the data categories to be captured,” said Ed Deng, CEO of Health2Sync. “Following the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s (METI) effort in 2022 to drive PHR[4], we will continue to work with various stakeholders in Japan to provide integrated solutions and encourage patients to manage their health through digital tools better.”

The Mallya data integration is now available to the 350,000 Health2Sync users in Japan. Health2Sync plans to deploy comprehensive digital insulin management experiences to other countries this year.


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