How long before PPC provides results?


Digital marketing provides the ability for businesses of all sizes to acquire customers. Whether you’re an e-commerce store or even a blog.

One form of online advertising consists of PPC (Pay per Click). This method is being constantly used by companies all over the world and can produce amazing ROI’s.

Although it isn’t always quick to gain results straight away, some campaigns do take a while before they get going.

What is PPC?

Also known as pay-per-click, PPC puts your position on search engines very high up in order to increase visibility, and get more people to your website. Based on keyword searches, PPC tailors ads depending on certain search terms to reach a certain audience.

Every time a searcher clicks on one of the ads, you have to pay the search engine a small amount of money. However, if that searcher becomes a customer, it’s definitely worth it!

PPC Outcomes

The answer isn’t always straightforward. The industry your business belongs to can determine the type of response you’ll receive from PPC. Along with, how much it’s going to cost you to get going.

Thankfully, PPC usually comes with the option to be turned on or off at any time. Therefore, if you’re noticing that its costs are too high, then you can simply turn it off before trying a new approach.

However, by doing so you could be altering the learning algorithm from the PPC campaign. That’s why it’s always best to use an agency when starting out.

How to Set the Right PPC Budget

Different budgets would need to be set depending on which industry you are in. The reason for this is that some keywords are extremely popular, so you would need to bid high amounts to get your ad to the top of the search results.

PPC can be for everyone, but you would need to adjust your strategy depending on your budget. If you have a large budget, you can bid for short keywords that are guaranteed to get lots of traffic. If you have a small budget, it would be best to bid for cheaper, long keywords. However, this won’t get as much traffic.

Have a look at the results you want, the budget you are happy to spend, and adjust it accordingly.

PPC Timeline

It is recommended for a standard PPC campaign to run for 6-12 months. Many new businesses use this approach to gain traffic and customers until SEO is implemented. The results can be great, but at the same time will be costly due to competitors bidding against you for the No.1 spot.

Target Agency

At Target Agency, our staff consists of experienced digital marketers with the sole purpose of generating high ROI’s. We explain exactly what to expect and try to be as transparent as possible during the process.

Time after time we have met businesses that have wasted a lot of energy and money not knowing what they’re doing. With a helping hand from the professionals, they started to see results fast while paying less. So why wait?


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