How Reading Can Help You Become Fluent In English

English is an important language that is spoken all around the globe. It’s officially known as the ‘language of business. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many of us want to learn it properly.

However, learning a second language isn’t always easy. There is a lot to learn and requires constant practice to master. Thankfully, a great method to enhance your English comprehension is reading.

What’s the Point in Reading

Reading is so important for a variety of reasons. It’s not only necessary to be able to understand signs or menus when in an English-speaking country. Being able to read in English will allow you to uncover more about the culture, from reading books to reading newspapers and learning cool new facts about the country.

As well as the above, you will learn all about sentence structure, and new words that are vital for gaining a more in-depth understanding of the language.

Improving English Conversational Skills

Once you become familiar with reading both fiction and nonfiction English books, your understanding of English will improve massively. Many books capture how modern English is spoken which can help when conversing with other speakers.

Another crucial part of the language that you’ll pick up on from reading is the use of punctuation. Without realizing it, when you’re speaking, sentences will be formatted the same, which ensures others can understand you easily.

Writing is Enhanced

Through constant reading, readers pick up how to write English correctly. Both in relation to words used and grammar used throughout.

However, there’s more! You should see an improvement when spelling, which is essential to understanding the Language.

How to Read Effectively

I’m sure you have often found that when reading your favorite book in your native language, you often read through the pages, without worrying about what every word means and in what sentence structure it should be in. In time, you will be able to do the same with English, however, to improve your reading skills, we recommend starting with the following:

Focused Reading

Focused reading is where you read through every word on the page, trying to understand exactly what it all means, getting as much information as possible from reading what’s on the page. This is great for learning as you can gain a deeper understanding of what English words mean in the context of a sentence or a paragraph. Not only will this improve your reading comprehension, but improve your writing and speaking skills at the same time.

English Translations

Have a book you know well in your own language? Why not read an English translation! As the words and the story will be familiar to you in your native language, you will be able to piece together the puzzle in the English translation much easier.

Additional Learning Resources

At B20 British School, we provide tutoring classes for those interested in improving their English skills. Whether it be for sitting IELTS, Cambridge exams, or personal development.

Our experienced tutors understand how to cater to all learning styles without fail. From start to finish you’ll have constant support to receive the results you want


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