Investment Treaty between Singapore as well as Indonesia takes a whole swing

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Indonesia’s top resource for its emerging FDI is all due to Singapore-The Lion City’s efforts.

Ministers from both nations, passed upon the Singapore-Indonesia’s bilateral investment treaty (BIT) that takes upon whole effect. In a virtual meeting was held upon on March 9th Indonesia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi as well as Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing stated their access into the force of BIT.

Chan further added that: “The access into force for the Singapore-Indonesia Bilateral Investment Treaty marks another vital milestone in our nations’ long-lasting economic rapport. It will offer superior shield for Singapore investors submitting into the Indonesian market, and vice versa, safeguarding investments and boosting investors’ confidence.

Singapore was Indonesia’s major foreign investor in 2020, with the funds attaining a record $US 9.8Bn. In turn, Indonesia clutches a spot as one of Singapore’s top 10 trading partners, with $48.8Bn bilateral trade noted in the preceding year.

The following are the advantages of BIT that embrace guard from prejudiced treatment, shield from illegal expropriation, and global arbitration in case of disputes.

This pact also would aid in serving them as a crucial step for nations in expediting economic recovery post the COVID-19, Retno Marsudi further added the same.

Thus, On March 9th, both the nations exchanged out the ratification instruments for finding a perfect pathway for forcing upon Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT), that establish policies upon treatment of investors and investments from both nations. Retno Marsudi also stated out further that the treaty could theoretically enhance two-way investment in between 18 percent-22 percent over the forthcoming five years.


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