KEYi Technology unveils Loona to its Family of Consumer Robots

KEYi Technology, one of the leading consumer robotics company, today introduced Loona, a heartwarming robotic pet, to their existing line of consumer robots along with a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the new “Petbot” of the future.

KEYi Technology is dedicated to creating robotic products for personal and educational play that are affordable for all. KEYi’s premiere product, ClicBot, was one the first complete consumer modular robotics kit with the ability to be assembled in thousands of different combinations, helping children learn how to code and explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) at home. No stranger to crowdfunding and developing cutting-edge products audiences love, KEYi’s ClicBot was over 40 times oversubscribed on Kickstarter when it was launched on the platform in 2020, raising some USD900,000 from 1,678 backers from more than 80 countries and regions. With the support of brand fans and robotics enthusiasts, Loona will soon penetrate the market as an intelligent robotic companion that closely simulates a pet.

Emerging as a rapid new trend, Loona is one of very few consumer robotic pets on the market offering a wide range of capabilities, functionalities, and companionship, allowing consumers to playfully interact, learn, and communicate through movement and reactions. With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on many children’s mental health and social lives, social robotics is becoming the new normal for children to develop meaningful, emotional, and realistic connections.

Yang Jianbo, founder and CEO of KEYi Tech shares, “Promises about family robots have been around for years, but the products were never enough. We are ecstatic to welcome Loona to the consumer robotic market and whet the long-awaited appetite for a fun family companion. With a wide range of functionalities and personalities, Loona will not only disrupt robotics, but will also provide children with both educational stimulation and a new best friend.”

Through advanced technology, animation design, emotional interaction model, and artificial intelligence, Loona functions with realistic pet behaviors and motion performances. Loona includes a range of entertaining games and additional features, along with a cute approachable design for children.

Furthermore, with its 3D ToF (time-of-flight) camera, Loona can roam freely using four-wheel and two-wheel motions through its proprietary self-balancing design. Additionally, Loona features a high-performance CPU processor, allowing the chip to perform 54 trillion neural network convolution calculations per second, equating to one-quarter of PC’s calculation capability, which is rarely seen in consumer robotics.




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