KuCoin Labs establishes strategic alliance with Coinweb

KuCoin Labs Forges Strategic Alliance with Coinweb to Foster Growth in the Web3 Space
KuCoin Labs Forges Strategic Alliance with Coinweb to Foster Growth in the Web3 Space

KuCoin Labs, the investment and research arm of the renowned digital asset exchange KuCoin, has entered into a strategic partnership with Coinweb, a leading innovator in Web3 technology. This collaboration signifies a commitment to mutual support and collaboration aimed at nurturing the expansion of the web3 ecosystem.

Central to this partnership is the seamless integration between KuCoin Labs‘ investment initiatives and Coinweb Labs’ grant program. Projects that have received a grant from Coinweb Labs will receive expedited access to investment or incubation opportunities from KuCoin Labs and additional recommendations for listing on the KuCoin exchange. This streamlined process underscores the commitment of both entities to empower emerging projects and drive sustainable growth within the web3 space.

Lou Yu, Head of KuCoin Labs, echoed this sentiment, affirming, “At KuCoin Labs, we are committed to supporting projects that demonstrate transformative potential within the web3 landscape. Our partnership with Coinweb exemplifies this commitment, providing a streamlined pathway for emerging projects to access vital resources and support. Together, we aim to foster innovation and drive meaningful impact within the web3 ecosystem.”

KuCoin Labs and Coinweb

Toby Gilbert, CEO & Co-founder of Coinweb, expressed enthusiasm about the collaborative endeavour, stating, “The partnership between Coinweb and KuCoin Labs represents a significant milestone in our shared mission to empower emerging projects within the web3 space. By streamlining access to investment opportunities and listing pathways, we aim to catalyse innovation and drive sustainable growth within the ecosystem.”

KuCoin Labs has been steadfastly committing itself to the development and nurturing of various blockchain ecosystems. Building on the success of collaborations with multiple blockchain ecosystems, KuCoin Labs’ partnership with Coinweb signals a strong vote of confidence in the latter’s vision, technology and the potential of Coinweb’s cross-chain computation platform, aiming to accelerate its growth and adoption. Through the strategic partnership, KuCoin Labs hopes to attract developers, entrepreneurs, and projects to build on the Coinweb platform, thereby enriching the ecosystem with diverse applications and services.

KuCoin Labs aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of blockchain and decentralised technologies. This strategy not only benefits the ecosystems they support but also aligns with KuCoin Labs‘ mission to drive innovation, adoption, and the overall advancement of the blockchain industry.



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