Longevo raises USD 5.5Mln to reform personal and business wellness

Longevo raises $5.5 million USD to revolutionize personal and business wellness in Latin America
Longevo raises $5.5 million USD to revolutionize personal and business wellness in Latin America

Longevo , the pioneering platform in preventative health, fitness, and wellness for individuals and corporations, announced yesterday that it has raised $5.5 million USD in a round of financing led by Grupo Valora , with the participation from prominent businessmen and investors, Andrés Moreno, founder of Open English; Amalia and Manuela Sierra , founders of Maaji; Gregg W. Throgmartin , founder of Skin Laundry; Karim Alibhai, founder of Gencom. The funds raised will be used to strengthen the platform, empowering it with artificial intelligence, and to strengthen its team of experts, who represent its main differentiator in creating a personalized and humanized experience.

Longevo has been designed to address common challenges that people and businesses face in their daily lives and at work, including everything from weight problems, sleep difficulties to high stress levels, as well as fostering higher self-esteem and addressing the work absenteeism. Harvard Business Review, and WHO guidelines remind us that taking care of our body goes beyond feeling good. Regular physical activity and a healthy diet combat stress and protect us from serious problems such as job burnout and chronic diseases. Under this premise, Longevo seeks to promote these healthy habits, creating a healthier and more productive community.


To overcome these challenges, Longevo offers a personalized online platform that, in collaboration with experts in nutrition, physical training, sleep and mentality development, provides a complete solution to optimize well-being. This tool improves the quality of life of people, enhances the productivity of teams and promotes the success of companies.

“At Longevo, we use technology, the latest science and the expertise of professionals to transform the well-being of individuals and corporations as a whole. We seek to make people happier and healthier in their daily lives and at work, and we know that this translates into greater productivity and success for companies”, says Martín Huczneker, CEO of Longevo. With his vast experience as an executive in digital transformation in companies such as Falabella, Mercado Libre and OLX, Huczneker leads Longevo with the aim of improving the lives of people in Latin America, boosting their physical and mental development, as well as promoting the formation of teams of high performance.


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