Mamenta announces a strategic partnership With Salsify

Mamenta Partners With Salsify to Drive Revenue Through Global Channels
Mamenta Partners With Salsify to Drive Revenue Through Global Channels

Mamenta announced a strategic partnership that is set to transform the way brands connect with global consumers. Salsify, a leading Product Experience Management (PXM) platform, is partnering with Mamenta, a pioneer in empowering brands to expand their global marketplace presence.

Salsify, a leading player in the PXM industry, offers a dedicated platform and solution to tackle the challenges of the intricate digital retail landscape. In today’s fast-paced technological world, the company assists retailers, manufacturers, and distributors in improving efficiency, driving sales, and leading the digital shelf with its PXM platform. Salsify’s objective is to streamline the visibility and distribution of content across key digital platforms, ultimately helping to capture a larger market share and generate more revenue.

Mamenta offers a cloud-based Global Trade Platform that simplifies the complexities of online marketplaces. Trusted by renowned brands like Harman International, Nestle, NordVPN, and many others, Mamenta enables brands to navigate over 600+ online marketplaces in 70+ countries effortlessly. Their unified solution covers Catalog, Inventory, Orders, Price, Shipping, and Messaging across diverse marketplaces.

Through this integration, Salsify PXM can serve as the central source of product truth for Mamenta customers, ensuring that they are able to deliver the most accurate, complete, and optimized product experiences across Mamenta’s global network of online marketplaces. Through this partnership, brands can effortlessly navigate the complexities of multiple marketplaces, increase their reach, and provide customers with enriched product experiences.

Mamenta and  Salsify

Highlights of Mamenta and Salsify’s partnership:

  • Streamlined Marketplace Integration: Brands can seamlessly integrate their product content and data with over 600 online marketplaces, ensuring a consistent and engaging customer experience.
  • Efficient Catalog Management: Mamenta’s robust catalog management capabilities, combined with Salsify’s PXM platform, will enable brands to efficiently manage and optimize product catalogs.
  • Enhanced Product Data: The partnership ensures that accurate and up-to-date product information is readily available to customers worldwide, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Global Expansion: Brands will have the tools to confidently expand domestically and into new international markets, backed by Mamenta’s global presence and Salsify’s product experience expertise.

“We are excited to partner with Mamenta to offer our joint clients a comprehensive solution for optimizing speed to market and sales performance across their truly impressive network of global marketplaces,” said Joe Gaudreau, VP Corporate Development at Salsify. “This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to helping brands deliver exceptional product experiences across the global digital shelf.”

“We believe that combining Salsify’s PXM platform with Mamenta’s Global Trade Platform is a game-changer for brands seeking to drive revenue through global channels,” said Chad Epling, CEO at Mamenta Inc. “Together, we are simplifying the complexities of global marketplace management and enabling brands to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.”


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