Mitsubishi Corporation announces establishment of Marunouchi Capital Fund III

Marunouchi Capital Fund

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is pleased to announce the establishment and initial closing of the Marunouchi Capital Fund III (Fund III), which is managed by MC’s wholly owned subsidiary, Marunouchi Capital Inc. (Marunouchi Capital). Fund III, which received 40.2 billion yen investment commitment from investors, will make buyout investments primarily in Japanese companies. Marunouchi Capital plans to raise new investment through additional rounds of funding and increase Fund III to around 100 billion yen.

Marunouchi Capital is a corporate-investment fund manager that specializes in business successions, curve-out deals from large companies and other solutions that are equally dedicated to strengthening the long-term competitiveness of its portfolio companies. It also adds unique value to its funds by leveraging MC’s credibility and business network.

Its first two funds were launched in 2008 (Fund I) and 2016 (Fund II). The former’s investments include the premium supermarket chain SEIJO ISHII and the DIY-store-management firm Joyful Honda, while the latter’s include IM FoodStyle, which manages the premium supermarket chain Queen’s Isetan, and TOSEI, which manufactures commercial cleaning equipment and vacuum-packaging machines. Both funds have enhanced enterprise value of respective portfolio companies and achieved strong track records.

Due to management related challenges caused by a lack of successors, impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors, demand for business successions remains high in Japan. In recent years, there has also been a rise in the number of divestments of non-core businesses and subsidiaries from listed-companies. Through Fund III, Marunouchi Capital plans to leverage both the expertise gained through its first two funds and MC’s comprehensive strength to assist economic growth in Japan by boosting the value of its portfolio companies and stimulating industry.

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