Moneypenny launches MS Teams call integration

Moneypenny is launching a world first-of-its-kind integration with Microsoft Teams that enables incoming telephone calls to be directly transferred to employees via Microsoft Teams wherever they are working. The new integration helps Moneypenny manage the disruptions of hybrid working to ensure each call is routed to the right employee the first time and means Moneypenny can check Teams status and only transfer calls when the person is free, or take a message if they are in another Teams meeting.

This agile, innovative integration provides Moneypenny’s call handlers with instant access to its clients’ Microsoft Teams accounts 24/7 allowing them to see clients’ real-time status and transfer calls to them and their colleagues in the Teams platform itself. This means Moneypenny Receptionists will only ever send calls when the client is available and that phone transfer interruptions can become a thing of the past. The new technology is 100% accurate, every time, enabling calls to become smoothly integrated into the working day using Teams technology the business community already knows and loves.

Affordable and easy to set up, new clients will benefit from receiving the first month for free, with subscriptions starting at $35 per month. Pete Hanlon, CTO at Moneypenny, commented:

“This latest Microsoft Teams integration will be a step-change in further super-powering our call handling services, ensuring seamless call transfers every time with maximum speed and efficiency. It is the technology of the future and works equally well, whether clients are in the office or working remotely. For some time now, we’ve had access to all of our clients’ calendars via platforms such as Microsoft Teams, transferring calls virtually, professionally, and brilliantly to cell phone, office, laptop or wherever works. Following the success of this system, and drawing on the positive client feedback we received, we are delighted to be adding formal Microsoft Teams call integration.”



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