Montavista launches new line of lithium metal battery products

Montavista launches new line of Lithium Metal Battery products

Montavista Energy Technologies Corporation (Montavista), an explorer of innovative lithium metal battery (LMB) technologies, has unveiled a new product line featuring both high power and high specific energy. In recent flight tests conducted by several drone developers, the commercial drones equipped with Montavista’s new METARY® P series product have demonstrated 60 ~ 80 % longer flight time in comparison with that using a commercial lithium ion battery (LIB).

Extending flight time is critical for many practical applications of commercial drones. METARY® P Series has provided a unique solution for such application scenarios. By adopting a lithium metal anode and an optimized non-flammable liquid electrolyte, the METARY® P Series cells provide not only a high specific energy over 400 Wh/kg that can sustain an ultralong in-air time for a commercial drone, but also a high specific power that can lift and maneuver it safely at high speed.

Montavista is a leader in LMB development and manufacturing. Back in 2020, Montavista has released its METARY® E series LMB product line that provides an ultrahigh specific energy over 500 Wh/kg with a relatively lower specific power, suitable for applications such as high-altitude solar-powered aircraft. The newly released METARY® P series provides a solution for customers who need more power but are not willing to sacrifice energy.

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“The collaboration with Montavista has enabled us to find a wonder battery product with both excellent energy density and rate performance. We see the great prospects for application of the new lithium metal batteries in our product, and hope our next collaboration project will make such application a reality.” Commented by a startup which is developing Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

“We see a huge market opportunity for various drone and eVTOL applications, enabled by our LMB innovations” said Lisha ZHOU, CEO of Montavista, adding that customers’ need is always the source of the company’s innovation.


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