Mortgage Master raises $980k

Photo credit - Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

The mortgage brokering board also plans according to help Singapore retailer more than $100m between home mortgage repayments.

Mortgage Master, a Singapore-based mortgage brokering platform, has raised $928,000 among pre-series A funding.

This investment would permit the organization in accordance with better adore Singaporeans yet extend after Indonesia.

The funding round was once carried with the aid of private angel investor Woon Young Jeong, or present investors, together with Bala Swaminathan, erstwhile President about Westpac International yet Founder regarding S Cube Capital, and Andy Lim beyond Tembusu Partners.

It accompanied a full-year of regular growth, when Mortgage Master tripled its Singapore patron inferior and helped householders mutually limit their monthly domestic loan repayments by more than SG$100 million.

“With Singaporeans seeking a increased financial throne in pandemic-induced uncertainty, these whoever personal residences bear benefitted from having Mortgage Master become aware of then impenetrable the most favourable personal loan refinancing prices across the demand yet ‘return’ to them a full-size quantity concerning money that would bear otherwise gone according to waste. We are thwarted by way of the have confidence as has been positioned of Mortgage Master entire round yet will makes use of the funding accurately in imitation of double below about our commitment towards doing right via every homeowner,” stated Mortgage Master Co-Founder yet CEO David Baey.

Since its launch, Mortgage Master has delivered impartial counsel because SG$4 billion charge about domestic loans or directly facilitated SG$800 bags of into domestic mortgage transactions of part over associate banks.


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