MTF Biologics and Centurion partner to advance wound care technologies

MTF Biologics and Centurion Therapeutics Partner to Expand Access to Advance Wound Care Technologies
MTF Biologics and Centurion Therapeutics Partner to Expand Access to Advance Wound Care Technologies

MTF Biologics, a global leader in tissue-based solutions, and Centurion Therapeutics, a pioneering distributor in the medical field, yesterday announced they have entered into a new agreement that will give more clinicians and patients in complex wound settings within hospitals and post-acute care facilities access to advanced wound healing technologies. The agreement, which is an expansion of a five-year collaboration between MTF Biologics and Centurion, grants Centurion exclusive distribution rights for a range of MTF Biologics’ tissue technologies, including placental, dermal, and adipose tissues. The tissue forms covered in the agreement include Amnioband® Membrane, Salera® Membrane, Salera® Mini-Membrane, Allopatch® Pliable, Allopatch® Meshed, Somagen® Meshed Dermal Matrix, and Leneva® Adipose Matrix. The agreement also includes provisions for ongoing training, marketing, and support to ensure effective promotion and distribution of the tissue forms.

“We are thrilled to announce this expanded partnership with Centurion Therapeutics,” said Joe Yaccarino, President & Chief Executive Officer of MTF Biologics. “Its team has proven their expertise over the past five years with us and demonstrated their reach within complex surgical wound care. The company is the ideal partner to help us deliver our innovative tissue solutions to healthcare professionals and, ultimately, save and heal more lives. We have had a long and successful history with Centurion’s team in representing MTF Biologics’ technologies and look forward to our continued success.”

MTF Biologics and Centurion Therapeutics

Centurion Therapeutics will play a vital role in expanding the reach of MTF Biologics’ tissue forms to key customers, including surgical podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, spine surgeons, vascular surgeons, OB/GYN surgeons, and general surgeons.

“We are honored to collaborate with MTF Biologics to bring their extraordinary tissue technologies to the forefront of medical practice,” said Robert Goodwin, President and Chief Executive Officer at Centurion Therapeutics. “This partnership and expanded relationship represent a significant step forward in our mission to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to improve outcomes in patients suffering complex wounds.”

The agreement underscores both companies’ commitment to excellence in patient care and innovation in the complex surgical wound management within the acute and post-acute care setting.


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