NISHIKAWA, Japan’s Sleep Tech Company, launches first store in the U.S.

NISHIKAWA Co., Ltd., a Japanese sleep tech company in Japan, opened an online store for its flagship brand AiR for the U.S. consumers recently, announcing the start of its expansion into the U.S. market. On the same day, the “AiR by nishikawa” flagship store opened in Santa Monica Place, one of the most popular luxury shopping centers in Los Angeles area. In the flagship store, visitors can experience the high-performance AiR mattress.

Established in 1566, NISHIKAWA is a privately held family company that has been in business for 15 generations. With a corporate philosophy of “Sleep Well and Live Well,” the company provides high-quality, highly functional bedding and innovative services based on technology cultivated over many years and cutting-edge sleep research. Yasuyuki Nishikawa, the president of NISHIKAWA and a visiting professor at Tohoku University, provided the following statement regarding the beginning of the company’s expansion into the United States.

“Since we founded Japan Research Laboratory of Sleep Science in 1984, becoming the first private company in Japan to have an institute specializing in sleep, we have conducted joint research in cooperation with various research institutions and developed numerous products and services with scientific evidence. We exhibited at CES2020, a consumer electronics and IT trade show held in Las Vegas in 2020, and received high evaluation from the people of the United States for the functionality and comfort of our representative brand ‘AiR’ mattresses and pillows, which led us to open a store in the United States. We will continue to provide quality sleep solutions to help the people of the United States ‘Sleep Well and Live Well.'”

Japan Research Laboratory of Sleep Science, together with Professor Masashi Yanagisawa, Director of the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS) at the University of Tsukuba and winner of the 2023 Breakthrough Prize, and many other academics, is scientifically examining the effects of the four-layer special three-dimensional structure mattress adopted by “AiR” on sleep and the human body.

As a result, NISHIKAWA has obtained and presented evidence showing improved sleep quality, including increased duration of deepest sleep and brain wave state, as well as improved values related to blood sugar, oxidative stress, and growth hormone levels, and improvements in gut and skin conditions.

“AiR” mattresses, which incorporate the latest sleep science, have a four-layer special three-dimensional structure that conforms smoothly to the lines of the body in both side and back sleeping positions, providing excellent pressure dispersion and high tossing and turning performance, while the uneven surface structure secures capillary and lymphatic fluid pathways, making it difficult to disturb metabolism during sleep. In 2014, it won the “Red Dot Award for Best of the Best,” an international design award given to the best of the best. NISHIKAWA also supports more than 1,000 athletes and musicians from various fields around the world with good sleep to improve their conditioning and help them perform at their best.

“AiR” offers not only mattresses, but also pillows, cushions, and a wide variety of other items. NISHIKAWA’s online store sells the AiR SI mattress with its special 3D cross-slit structure, three types of pillow with different functions and three types of portable cushion. In the flagship store in Los Angeles, visitors can see and experience seven items that are available on the company’s online store.



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