NOBL Media integrates with Basis Tech

NOBL Media, a targeting solution for programmatic advertising that is helping brands increase reach and return on investment while ensuring ad placements are done responsibly, today announced an integration with Basis Technologies, a provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising.

Consumers are caring more and more about what brands say, and what content brands support with their ad dollars. NOBL’s AI-based technology evaluates digital content across the Internet to determine its trustworthiness and credibility. Ads are then placed alongside content with the highest credibility whether it is on a well-known site or in the long-tail. This enables advertisers to align their ad spend with their stated brand values without sacrificing efficiency and results.

“Powering campaigns with NOBL’s data enables advertisers to identify content appropriate for their brands according to their standards,” said Tyler Kelly, president, of Basis Technologies. “By layering NOBL’s content intelligence with the ad activation capabilities on the Basis platform, advertisers can gain strong engagement from their audiences while aligning their ad investments with their brand values.”

Launched in 2018, NOBL is on a mission to bring advertising back to credible content and help create a safer, healthier Internet. Through its proprietary programmatic ad targeting solution, NOBL’s AI scans language on a page using linguistic analysis to decide if the quality of the content deserves an ad placement before a bid is ever made. With this pre-bid integration through the Basis platform, advertisers can prevent their ads from being placed alongside content they don’t want to be associated with. NOBL has built a high-performance SaaS product, analyzed more than five million web pages, and run successful campaigns with large advertisers including national retailers and financial services companies. Since implementing NOBL, advertisers have seen 1/3 cost per click and 2x click-through rates, according to data from a 10-week A/B test versus an identical buy on the open exchange.

“Brands are waking up to the importance of responsible advertising and not only what your ad says, but where it lives and what it’s paying for,” says Cedar Milazzo, CEO, and Founder, NOBL Media. “Through this integration, brands can easily access NOBL, and the scale Basis Technologies brings to our mission can have a significant impact on the proliferation of misinformation and other divisive or toxic content on the Internet.”



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