OpSec security invests in HP Indigo 6K Secure Digital Press


OpSec, a security and brand protection company, has invested in Europe’s first HP Indigo 6K Secure Digital Press. It is stated to offer customers both security and flexibility with its single-pass productivity. With this new technology, OpSec will provide brand owners the ability to seamlessly integrate highly secure authentication, personalized customer engagement, and unique digital design features into labels and packaging.

OpSec Security is an  integrated on-product and online brand protection, offering complete solutions that protect brand owners, rights owners, and governments around the world. OpSec affirms that it has been at the forefront of defeating counterfeits for more than 35 years and its customers include the top 100 most recognized brands on the planet – from major sports leagues and apparel manufacturers to global players in the automotive, industrial, and financial services sectors.

OpSec safeguards more than 13 billion products a year through its diverse portfolio of on-product identifiers and premium, security-enabled trim components. The single-pass capability and secure variable data options of the HP Indigo 6K Secure Digital Press will increase further the options available to its customers. Highly personalized solutions will incorporate proprietary world-class security, provide an expanded design palette, and ensure rapid turnaround for time-critical product launches and promotions.

Another feature of the new HP Indigo 6K Secure Press is its ability to place unique identifiers in numerous locations on the label, packaging, or tax stamp. This allows greater personalization to unique customer requirements, whilst linking authentication and engagement data back to OpSec Insight, OpSec’s security traceability platform. The integration of dedicated security design software from Jura also contributes to OpSec’s responsive design methodologies, by providing a seamless method for controlling variable data and creating unique security features in one pass on the HP Indigo 6K Digital Secure Press.

“The capabilities of the counterfeiter are always advancing, the HP Indigo 6K Secure Press, in conjunction with our advanced OVD (Optical Variable Device) technologies, provides brand owners the confidence that they will remain ahead of even the most determined counterfeiters. Our ability to print secure, impactful designs on sustainable and recycled substrates, using sustainable security inks from HP, also allows us to offer brands the distinctiveness they need, whilst upholding their commitment to sustainability.” says Dr. Selva Selvaratnam, CEO of OpSec Security. 

“We are excited to welcome OpSec Security as the first customer of the HP Indigo 6K Secure Press in Europe. As a world leader in brand protection, OpSec will set new standards in product authentication using our HP Indigo Secure technology. We expect this partnership to change the standard paradigm for both companies, setting a new bar in anti-counterfeiting,” added Amir Raziel, head of Strategic Marketing for HP Indigo.



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