Parse Biosciences collaborates with Hamilton, Opentrons Labworks and SPT Labtech

Parse Biosciences Launches Laboratory Automation Provider Program, Collaborates with Hamilton, Opentrons Labworks, SPT Labtech
Parse Biosciences Launches Laboratory Automation Provider Program, Collaborates with Hamilton, Opentrons Labworks, SPT Labtech

Parse Biosciences, a leading provider of accessible and scalable single cell sequencing solutions, announced it has launched its Laboratory Automation Provider Program, enabling automation providers to readily support the adoption of Parse’s Evercode™ single cell products. By combining powerful automation with the Parse Evercode platform, customers will have unprecedented access to high-throughput single cell sequencing, enabling them to rapidly generate insights for large-scale studies.

Parse’s Evercode single cell technology has enabled researchers to scale their projects to millions of cells or nuclei and has been widely adopted across oncology, immunology, neuroscience, basic research, and drug and target discovery. To facilitate scaling up these projects and to help researchers generate insights more quickly, Parse has developed automation-friendly workflows for high-throughput sample fixation, single cell barcoding, and library preparation.

Parse Biosciences and Hamilton, Opentrons Labworks, SPT Labtech

As key providers in the new Laboratory Automation Provider Program, Hamilton, Opentrons, and SPT Labtech will each collaborate with Parse to automate Parse’s Evercode Whole Transcriptome and Whole Transcriptome Mega workflows on their respective liquid handling platforms. These customized scripts will allow users to purchase application-ready instruments and empower existing users to more easily adapt Parse workflows in their labs.

“Parse is focused on providing complete, end-to-end solutions at unprecedented scale. By joining with some of the industry’s top automation providers, we are giving customers more extensive choices,” said Parse Biosciences co-founder and CEO Alex Rosenberg. “This approach is fundamental to our core belief that single cell RNA sequencing provides valuable insights that should be available to all scientists, whether they’re in basic research or in a high-throughput drug development environment.”

Hamilton, Opentrons, and SPT Labtech provide versatile liquid handling platforms that support many workflows, in addition to Evercode, providing flexibility and economy to customers who run other protocols in their labs. The companies aim to have automated protocols for the Evercode platform available in coming months.


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