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Paytiko, a cutting-edge payment management software, consolidates all online payment flows from many providers, for any online business. The company’s unique features, such as accepting numerous payment methods and robust security and compliance procedures, are now complemented by recent updates. Such new features include Sticky PSP, Fee Calculator, Pay by Link, Payment Method Orders, a New UI for PSP Selection, and Smart Routing, which have been implemented to provide the latest and most efficient payment solutions. Due to all these achievements, and much more, Paytiko has been nominated by World Business Outlook Magazine as the Most Advanced Payment Management Software Europe 2024. Read on to explore Paytiko’s latest product and service launches and their benefits for online business.

Sticky PSP

Paytiko’s Sticky PSP functionality is a game-changer for merchants, offering an unparalleled level of efficiency. It empowers merchants to set their preferred payment processors and methods for individual customers, allowing for a high level of customization. Merchants can offer specific payment methods for different customer groups, such as credit card payments for one group and PayPal for another. This level of personalization allows businesses to cater to regional preferences and significantly reduces checkout times for customers, leading to increased client satisfaction and a positive impact on business revenue.

Fee Calculator

Fee Calculator

With Paytiko’s Fee Calculator tool, businesses can easily pre-set and confirm rates charged by different payment providers used within the company’s payment ecosystem. This can be done in just a few simple steps, making it a convenient and time-saving feature for busy business owners, relieving them of the tedious task of rate confirmation. Overall, Paytiko’s Fee Calculator reduces the risk of overcharging or undercharging customers as well as ensuring proper settlement calculations amongst suppliers.

Pay By Link

Pay By Link by Paytiko

Merchants who desire to transmit direct payment invoices may utilize Paytiko’s Pay By Link feature, since the company functions as a hosted payment page for enterprises. This enables merchants to generate payment invoice URLs that are specific to a payment provider within Paytiko’s payment ecosystem. Clients using Paytiko’s Pay By Link option will have various options after clicking the link, including simple online payment methods for a quick and efficient transaction. This straightforward payment method simplifies merchant operations and provides a seamless and stress-free payment experience for businesses and their clients.

Payment Method Order

Payment Method Order by Paytiko

Another new feature, Payment Method Order, is a significant enhancement that empowers online merchants to tailor the payment experience for their customers with a high degree of precision. This feature allows merchants to individually set the sequence in which payment methods are presented to end clients during the checkout process, via the processors they are connect with. By customizing the payment order, businesses can highlight preferred payment methods, potentially encouraging the use of options that offer lower transaction fees or better security. For example, a merchant might prioritize their proprietary payment system or a particular credit card network that offers them the most favorable terms. This level of customization can lead to a more streamlined and user-friendly checkout experience, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Payment Method Order feature supports the creation of a unique and branded payment page, which can enhance the merchant’s brand identity and trustworthiness. This personalized approach not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the payment page but also aligns with specific marketing strategies, such as promoting seasonal offers or loyalty programs tied to certain payment methods. Ultimately, this feature adds a new layer of control for merchants, enabling them to optimize the financial aspects of their online transactions while providing a seamless and engaging experience for their customers.

New UI for PSP Selection

New UI for PSP Selection by Paytiko

Paytiko’s New UI for PSP Selection revolutionizes the way online merchants manage their payment service providers (PSPs) with a sleek, user-friendly interface designed for seamless plug-and-play connectivity. This cutting-edge interface allows merchants to effortlessly select and integrate the most relevant PSPs that align with their specific business needs and optimize their payment flows. The intuitive design and drag-and-drop capabilities, simplifies the complex process of managing multiple payment providers, enabling merchants to quickly compare and choose the best options based on factors such as transaction fees, geographical reach, and customer preferences. By offering a streamlined selection process, this new UI significantly reduces the time and technical expertise required to configure payment options, thus lowering operational costs and minimizing potential errors. Furthermore, the enhanced user experience empowers merchants to adapt their payment strategies dynamically, responding to market trends and customer behavior with agility. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to expand into new markets or those that experience seasonal fluctuations in payment preferences. Overall, Paytiko’s New UI for PSP Selection not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides merchants with the flexibility to offer a diverse and optimized array of payment options, thereby improving customer satisfaction and increasing conversion rates.

Smart Routing

Smart Routing by Paytiko

Paytiko Smart Routing is a feature that allows merchants to save money while speeding up transactions. It retries failed payments by rerouting them to default payment processors in a waterfall cascade system, without disrupting the end-user experience. This helps to reduces payment declines and maintains consistently high payment authorization rates. Merchants can also use intelligent routing to build rules that send authorization requests to the most cost-effective payment processors, further reducing costs. This type of routing also allows merchants to minimize latency by picking the fastest processing routes, which is especially important in firms that demand fast transaction processing.

In conclusion, Paytiko stands as a beacon of innovation in a new generation of payment solutions, offering a comprehensive and cutting-edge platform tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern merchants. Its seamless integration of diverse payment methods, advanced security measures, and real-time financial insights make it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Led by a visionary C-suite team, and via introduction of new pioneering features, Paytiko is not just keeping pace with industry advancements but also sets new standards in payment management. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of the digital economy, Paytiko emerges as a trusted partner, driving growth and ensuring financial agility in an ever-changing market landscape.

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