Quectel and The Things Industries ink a partnership

Quectel and The Things Industries announce partnership to boost module service management through LoRaWAN integration
Quectel and The Things Industries announce partnership to boost module service management through LoRaWAN integration

Quectel, a global IoT solutions provider, and The Things Industries, a global leader in LoRaWAN® Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, yesterday announces a partnership that ensures the Quectel KG200Z LoRaWAN module, comes integrated with “Works with The Things Stack” and “Secured by The Things Stack” certifications, providing users with a robust and secure LoRaWAN solution.

The Quectel KG200Z module harnesses the power of the STM32WL by STMicroelectronics, offering exceptional performance for long-range, low-power applications. It operates within the LoRa high-frequency band, spanning from 862 MHz to 928 MHz, and incorporates advanced AES hardware encryption for enhanced security. One of the standout features of the KG200Z is its compact profile, measuring just 12.0 mm × 12.0 mm × 1.8 mm, and its LGA form package. This design ensures seamless integration into size-constrained applications while maintaining reliable connectivity.

Quectel is committed to delivering the most reliable and secure IoT solutions to our customers, and our partnership with The Things Industries is a testament to this promise,” commented Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “By combining our KG200Z LoRaWAN module with Quectel’s best-in-classs product security approach with ‘Works with The Things Stack’ and ‘Secured by The Things Stack’ certifications, we are not just offering a product; we are providing a comprehensive solution that meets the highest standards of connectivity and security. This collaboration reflects our dedication to innovation and excellence and working with key ecosystem partners to provide best-in-class solutions. ”


Through the collaboration with The Things Industries, Quectel customers are now able to use the KG200Z module in their device design and build, while running additional services through The Things Industries. This partnership empowers users to fully control the end-to-end encryption and key management while leveraging Quectel’s decades-long expertise in module capabilities.

Wienke Giezeman, CEO of The Things Industries, commented, “With this partnership, users of the Quectel LoRaWAN module can fully integrate end-to-end encryption and key management in-house, while benefiting from the extensive experience and capabilities that Quectel’s modules offer.”

Quectel’s IoT modules are developed with security at the core. From product architecture to firmware/software development, Quectel incorporates leading industry practices and standards, mitigating potential vulnerabilities with third party independent test houses and have incorporated security practices like generating SBOMs and VEX files as well as performing firmware binary analysis into the entire software development lifecycle.

Quectel provides a range of antennas alongside the KG200Z module enabling developers and device manufacturers to purchase module and antennas at the same time, streamlining the process and reducing cost and time to market.


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