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What is RaiseFX?

RaiseFX is a multi-awarded and multi-regulated global CFD broker. CFDs (i.e., Contracts for Difference) are financial instruments that enable speculation on upward or downward fluctuations in an underlying asset without assuming ownership. When engaging in CFD transactions, you are essentially investing in a financial derivative.

The appeal of CFDs lies in their provision of flexible leverage, minimal spreads, a diverse product portfolio, and the convenience of accessing all assets through a unified trading platform, including the MetaQuotes trading platform MT5.

This adaptability opens doors for intraday traders, scalpers, and those seeking to diversify their trading strategies.

RaiseFX adheres to regulatory standards and holds a license from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). This accreditation underscores a robust commitment to the highest ethical business practices and investor protection.

Effective emotional management, particularly in navigating cognitive biases, is paramount for traders to succeed in the financial markets. Opting for a regulated online broker, such as RaiseFX (i.e., ‘Raise’), provides an environment that eases mental burdens, allowing traders to channel all their energy into executing their trading plans. Choosing RaiseFX ensures peace of mind and tranquility, empowering you to realize your full trading potential.

Why is RaiseFX’s offer the best?

Before opening its doors, the RaiseFX’s top management team extensively deliberated on empowering retail investors to fully leverage their potential in the financial markets. A comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape revealed a prevalent trend – the strategic positioning of commercial offerings among online brokers was often uniform.

When contemplating the opening of a trading account, various types are typically presented, with the differentiating factor being that a higher initial deposit amount correlates with lower transaction costs (i.e., spreads, and/or commissions).

Numerous marketing labels are employed, including “STP Account,” “ECN Account,” “VIP Account,” and the like.

Just one trading offer and the best of all!

RaiseFX has diverged from the prevailing competitive norm by adopting a unique stance with a singular trading offer, accessible to all individuals with a minimum deposit of 200€.

The broker’s strategic approach is straightforward: to deliver optimal trading conditions to all clients, irrespective of their initial capital.

In pursuit of this objective, the company has simply pinpointed the most compelling offer in the market!

Fewer commissions, more profits!

It’s worth noting that the shorter the duration of your trades, the higher the broker’s commissions tied to your transactional volumes will constitute a significant percentage of your profits.

As we step into 2024, the profile of online traders is increasingly leaning towards short-term speculation, witnessing a five-year exponential surge in the number of scalpers within the industry.

To empower this emerging generation of traders in optimizing their performance on the financial markets, RaiseFX prioritizes instant trade execution on the MetaTrader 5 platform, coupled with the provision of the industry’s lowest commissions. While these conditions particularly benefit scalpers, whether you identify as an intraday trader, day-trader, or even a swing-trader, opting for RaiseFX will afford you a substantial advantage in navigating the financial markets.

500+ tradeable products on MetaTrader 5 for a diverse trading experience

Boasting a portfolio encompassing more than 500 diverse assets, RaiseFX presents an extensive catalog of derivatives to cater to the requirements of every trader. Whether your interests lie in forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, precious metals, indices, or other financial instruments, capitalize on the availability of all these assets within a unified trading platform!

Benefit from attractive leverage; up to 500/1

Leverage can be a challenging tool to use, with many individuals fearing its potential dangers could hinder their trading performance. However, the reality is quite different—it all hinges on how you employ it!

A common mistake made by novice traders is leveraging to substantially amplify the size of their trades in the market.

The true value of this tool lies not in the intent to significantly increase trade sizes but, in reality, to capitalize on multiple opportunities simultaneously while adhering to your Money-Management principles and maintaining a conservative risk percentage on each trade.

In essence, when utilized appropriately, a 1:500 leverage allows you to explore 16 times more opportunities concurrently than a 1:30 leverage without escalating risk on individual trades.

As the old stock market adage goes, “Money quickly earned is quickly lost!” Hence, judiciously applying leverage with a focus on diversification rather than over-exposure enables you to fully exploit opportunities in the financial markets.

An impressive network of customers and partners

With more than 50,000 clients and more than 2,500 active partners, RaiseFX has built the loyalty of its thriving community of traders. This trust serves as a testament to the outstanding quality of services provided by the company.

International recognition of RaiseFX excellence

RaiseFX received the prestigious “Best Customer Service 2023” award in Africa from World Business Outlook. In a similar vein, International Business Magazine acknowledged RaiseFX with the “Best Trading Conditions 2023” trophy in Southeast Asia and Africa, underscoring the company’s burgeoning international acclaim.

Through its innovative strategic positioning, RaiseFX continues to forge its identity, delivering an exceptional trading experience that caters to the diverse needs of all traders.

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